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  • Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (ft. Emeli Sande) - Kendrick Lamar
    "You don’t know what pain is, you just fuck with famous I don’t know you, I can’t tell you, energy is dangerous You don’t know how long it took to finally come alive So bitch don’t kill my vibe Yeah, I"
  • Al Sharp - The Beta Band
    "Is it because I'm beside myself with love That I can't say these things to you, honey? Or is it because I'm beside myself with guilt That I can't say these things to you, honey? You and me Will never"
  • Al Ankabut - Local Porn Star
    "Silk woven words of deciet. Lie to me... Al' Ankabut Eight legged, hand wave, your so brave. Fake to my face what you trying to say, Skies turn grey when you fade away, Can't save your grave when your"
  • Et Al - Hurt
    "Feel, damn you, feel like you're alive again take ten broken limbs and make it alright for them and I needed you more, more than you'll ever notice but I need to do more if you're to ever know this or"
  • Al Sation - Alpha
    "Anytime now You will see me I'm trembling when you smile And pick me up right off the floor I hope so How could you know? Let me see your eyes It's been awhile Should i Act surprised How could I come 'till"
  • Al genina - Our Lady Peace
    "Fell asleep todayNorth OntarioWoke up far awayA place I didnt knowA woman smiled at meShe said welcome to my homeLife is different here she says nowCamouflage of goldShe said hey leave a light on for meHey,"
  • Al Jazeera - Viking Moses
    "(Bizz) Yeah, yeah Rolling, rolling Ooooh We be rolling (Royal T) Another day, I cruise at the beach Car sitting low, Latino's in the next seat System booming, rims clean with the top back Rep"
  • Chanson pour Emile - Nancy Dumais
    "Mon c?ur prs du tien Ton souffle dans le mien Je resterais des heures Le nez dans ton bonheur Mon grand petit homme Bien plus haut que trois pommes Je t?change mon c?ur Contre un peu de ta chaleur Contre"
  • Young Al Capone - Rancid
    "In the army of Babylon I'm a young Al Capone My self an outlaw in the eyes of the lord Good man lose and the bad men win The blind and the sick i attenuate them Barrels of concrete and melted steel Black"
  • Al-Di-La - Skeeter Davis
    "La la la la la la la la la [ strings ] Al-di-la means you are far above me very far Al-di-la as distant as the lovely evening star Where you walk flowers bloom when you smile the gloom turn to sunshine And"
  • Al N' Yetta - Allan Sherman
    "Al n' Yetta always sit togedda Watching TV every single night Munching popcorn from a dish While observing Dorothy Gish (Dorothy Gish) Dorothy Gish (What a dish) What a dish Ohh Al n' Yetta couldn't have"
  • Al N Yetta - Sherman Allan
    "+Al 'N' Yetta Al 'n' Yetta always sit togedda, Watching TV every single night. Munching popcorn from a dish, While observing Dorothy Gish. (Dorothy Gish) Dorothy Gish, (What a dish) What a dish. Ohhhh, Al"
  • Pallin' With Al - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "All the birds up in the trees have got a different song to sing And as birds learned now they've learned that swing They've been Pallin' with Al (me too) Down below at the candy shop, theyre still workin"
  • Rhythm-Al-Ism - DJ Quik
    "Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, pimps playas & women of the night, welcome to the world of Rhythm-al-ism. Now since this is my intro, I'ma do somethin' a little crazy check it out. We gon' show off a"
  • Mirando al mar - WarCry
    "Solo en esta celda, en esta fra prisión, condenado por extraos, espero mi ejecución. Yo s que hoy morir mirando al mar. No me hicieron juicio, no fue necesario hablar, extrao en su tierra, el enemigo"
  • Seif al din - Epica
    "The origin of a dogma Placed in a new millenium Viffied demons habe been embraced And given a warm welcome The Seif al Din Hasn't got the ghost of a chance to rust Because it has always been kept in shape"
  • Invito Al Cielo - Sonic Youth
    "(Kim) Da da Da da Da da da da da Da da da da Da da da da Da When it rains When it rains When it rains The children don't play When it rains When it rains When it rains I gets the machine to get"
  • Al Tonno Q - Fireside
    "I forced myself to go alone Because the clues had told me my mind aint what it was before I feel its passing thru me I threw my head onto the floor I felt so small Hanging around like seats in a bus Just"
  • Sweet Al George - Brad
    "The land our forefathers was A circle of love and trust A golden smokin victory And who knew what the future would bring And now I'm at the end of the line Tryin' it all the time And you've got the baddest"
  • Gee And Al - Bodyjar
    "You say the same thing everytime And I can't figure out just why I can't feel this way I Don't need to Am I blind 'cause I can't see The reason you and I should be I don't know what to say Words might"

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