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Eno dyna

  • Yoko Eno - Kumka Olik
    "Kiedy chodzę po mieście Czasami muszę choć nie chcę Pytania, jak małe buty uwierają mnie Ulepiony z cytatów wcielam w postacie z filmów Wszystkim co mnie otacza staje się Pytam Pytam Pytam Pytam Pytam"
  • Hejże ino dyna dyna - Klocuch
    "Gore gwiazda Jezusowi w obłoku.w obłoku Józef z Marią asystują przy boku, przy boku Hejże ino dyna, dyna, narodził się Bóg dziecina W Betlejem, w Betlejem Hejże ino dyna, dyna, narodził się Bóg dziecina W"
  • Hosa Dyna - Brave Combo
    "Oj od Krakowa jade, z dalekiej obcej strony. Bo mi nie cheilei dac, hosa dyna, Mary's ulubiony. Ej szerokim goscicem, ej jedzie woz za wozem. Jak mi je nie dadza, hosa dyna, to prezbije sie nozem. Ej"
  • Dyna Mite - MUD
    "Ooh ooh ooh Nobody knew her name But she turned up just the same There was a knock on the door A thump on the floor and the party turned insane As she called out her name. And she walked in looking like"
  • Eno Ambient #5 - Lisa Loeb
    "Turn up the record barely I won't let you sit lonely Play the second note gently Before the first disappears Insomniac trends The night never ends Sweep the dimes off the bookshelves Draw the shades"
  • Heavy Seas Of Love (ft. Brian Eno) - Damon Albarn
    "When your soul isn’t right And it’s raw to the night It’s in your hands When the traces of dark come To fade in the light You’re in safe hands Heavy seas of love Radiance is in you As above so below On"
  • Ludzie jak dynie - TSA
    "Kiedy wszystko się wyda straconeGdy w zwątpieniu do reszty utonęZabiorę was wszystkich na stronęI powiem wam o co mi szłoKiedy stracę nadziejęKiedy zbiorę nie to co siejeGdy złość mnie jak potok zalejePowiem"
  • Spinning Away - Brian Eno
    "Up on a hill, as the day dissolves With my pencil turning moments into line High above in the violet sky A silent silver plane - it draws a golden chain One by one, all the stars appear As the"
  • Footsteps - Brian Eno
    "I'm a man of many colours: Only yesterday i was blue. Ten days from now, i'll be different And so will you. Written there in capital letters So as not to be misunderstood Making sure i'm clear, "
  • Been There, Done That - Brian Eno
    "I was dreaming It's a hundred and ninety degrees We were crawling around on our knees Till the sun came up at quarter to three But the time we had Dirty clothes and dirt on our walls Swinging on"
  • Crime In The Desert - Brian Eno
    "Crime and punishment in tuscon Back to normal in the sun Playing blackjack in the drive-in Shooting snake-eyes in the mud And when the moonlight came out, we were gone, long gone. They found a body"
  • The River - Brian Eno
    "So deep in the water Sleep, dark as the night Somehow it seems it was all another dream Soon dissolved in the light. Oh, we were by the waterline. Vague, the song of the night. Innocent to all the"
  • I'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoe) - Brian Eno
    "I'll find a place somewhere in the corner I'm gonna waste the rest of my days Just watching patiently from the window Just waiting seasons change, some day Oh, oh, my dreams will pull you through that"
  • Two Voices - Brian Eno
    "Two voices: The one small Just a ten per cent, The other long and full And capable of huge movement An all-terrain voice "Sweet dreams, baby" Says the little voice And snuggles me to its breast "Thank"
  • Lay My Love - Brian Eno
    "lay my love I am the crow of desperation I need no fact or validation I span relentless variation I scramble in the dust of a failing nation I was concealed Now i am stirring And i have waited"
  • One Word - Brian Eno
    "Night-time is falling on the louvre. It's been a lazy afternoon. We walk to the house, the air is clear, The water's still moving in the pool. You say one word. The same one sound. Thing it"
  • In The Backroom - Brian Eno
    "When seoritas walk at night, Habaeros on the move, It's music to their ears in the backroom. If there's money to be made, And it's a hundred in the shade and in the backroom, She's sentimental like"
  • Empty Frame - Brian Eno
    "So they rode the sea, It went on and on They were years away Though it seemed so long But the captain never told them what he knew As the poor ship laboured on through the endless blue. Oh the storm"
  • Cordoba - Brian Eno
    "A man was sleeping under a tree. He wrote to me from cordoba. After the theatre, we went to his house. He's a very generous cordoban. We waited at the door, but he didn't come. According to his father,"
  • I'll Come Running - Brian Eno
    "I'll find a place somewhere in the corner I'm gonna waste the rest of my days Just watching patiently from the window Just waiting seasons change, some day Oh, oh, my dreams will pull you through that"

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