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  • Baby - Gotye
    "Live from day to the next day Try to satisfy the cravings before they Consume you Colours are brighter The world can excite you When you're under its spell You can tell All too well That without it life"
  • Here In This Place - Gotye
    "Here in this place The stars will protect us with their celestial embrace Here in this place The slow wind sings gently to the rolling waves I touch your face And we leave conscious thought for the freedom"
  • Loath To Refuse - Gotye
    "If you don't want me now Then you can't have me later Cause I won't wait for you So don't expect me to If you won't love me now Then we'll be nothing after So you had better stay Lest I take my love away You"
  • Noir Excursion - Gotye
    "A handsome stranger Gave me a ride He had a suitcase full of lies That he sold me I sensed no danger When I was there right by his side He said I compelled him to confide So he told me Take this car And"
  • The Only Way - Gotye
    "Calm down now baby The end of the journey's in sight You've travelled so far love Now all of the stars are aligned Say goodbye (I don't want to) Don't you fight (I don't want to) Leaving your life's no"
  • Hearts A Mess - Gotye
    "Pick apart, The pieces of your heart, And let me peer inside, Let me in Where only your thoughts have been Let me occupy your mind As you do mine You have lost Too much love To fear, doubt and distrust (It's"
  • Coming Back - Gotye
    "You've been gone much longer Than you ever said you had the plan to I'm just gonna wait 'till you come home Though I count the days, they're grey without you The weather's much better when I think about"
  • Out Here In The Cold - Gotye
    "Darlin' don't leave me out here in the cold I'm begging you baby don't leave me out here on my own I'll die, If you don't hold me tight Tonight, I couldn't make it outside If I tried, So please let me"
  • Out Of My Mind - Gotye
    "You loved me yesterday But said that you just couldn't stay Now I can't get you out of my head So many signs float by But only you are signified And I just can't get you out of my head I can't get it"
  • The Only Thing I Know - Gotye
    "I'm living with your memory In the attic in my mind And you've been getting by without me But I've been spending all my time With a girl that I remember Who'll never leave or need to grow Cos when you"
  • True To You - Gotye
    "I'll be true to you (x4) Another former lover man Come crawlin' back again So you wanna make it good You say you needa be understood Well you should know There can't be no understandin' When all you got's"
  • What Do You Want? - Gotye
    "What do you want? What do you want from us? To ask you this much is just a matter of trust Not an affront What do you want? Few here'd be true to your point of view If they knew What you want Who here"
  • Wonder Why You Want Her - Gotye
    "Lost In her face, Caught On the thought of a taste, Sold On the fantasy, Bought, For a price you can have a piece Fresh From the colour press, The flesh Of today's princess, Spread From end to end, Blue"
  • Thanks For Your Time - Gotye
    "(In complete contrast, a pop song, and a pop singer. In a different way, this has its own magic. The magic of an accompaniment, tailor-made in the fashion of today. For this occasion, this singer, and"
  • Learnalilgivinanlovin - Gotye
    "If yer always tryin' to get to the top You don't get to the bottom of nothin'! Then you're gone before you know it; You'd better stop! (STOP!) Learn a little givin' and lovin' It's been done before C'mon,"
  • Night Drive - Gotye
    "When you're feeling down I'm comin' round To pick you up And take you out It won't be long Till those blues are gone The city's waiting Beckoning for us It leads us on Let it lead us on It's the perfect"
  • Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye
    "Now and then I think of when we were together Like when you said you felt so happy you could die Told myself that you were right for me But felt so lonely in your company But that was love and it's an"
  • Making Mirrors - Gotye
    "Dreamt of a doorway That opened to everything And I'm reaching towards it Drifting backwards Drawing the curtains Windows inside my head Maybe I'm only making mirrors"
  • Easy Way Out - Gotye
    "Seventeen seconds and I'm over it Ready for the disconnect Putting on a brave face Trying not to listen to the voices in the back of my head (But it's alright now) It's a distant memory baby (It's alright"
  • Eyes Wide Open - Gotye
    "With your eyes wide open we... With your eyes wide open we... So this is end of the story Everything we had, everything we did Is buried in dust And this dust is all that's left of us But only a few"

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