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Guy Tang - SuperPower

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Guy Tang - SuperPower

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Guy Tang - SuperPower
  • KMFDM Superpower
    "Another millennium and none the wiser I'm the one unparalleled Germanizer Hunted, shunted, never ever to stray I am the man who goes by the name of Kpt'n K Eyes on the road one fist on the wheel All"
  • Adam Lambert Superpower
    "there’s something missing and I am pissed and I’ve got something to say oh, yeah! All of the witches and demons better get out my ay aye aye! I get back up when I fall rip the paint off the wall when"
  • Warrior Soul Superpower Dreamland
    "(Clarke) We come through the windows Webust down the door We cut through the ceilings And pop up on the floor The children are angry And they come pouring in Were searching for justice From our goverments In"
  • Happy Campers World's Last Superpower
    "Welcome to the USA ,we're still number one but we're waiting to explode just like a loaded gun land of the free, home of the brave but every other child ends up in an early grave the children are the future so"
  • The 69 Eyes Tang
    "Hey you uptown jam-house mama Such a superfly Days go in dusty dreams Nights with Doctor White C-jams in cadillacs Help you to get your wings tonite Number 3 takes to paradise With the genuine snowbird"
  • Grinspoon Tang
    "do a little bit of fuckin tang try to sit down but you gotta dance all you want is just a half a chance all she wants is just a fun romance i gotta pocket full of change lets get tanked a pocket full of"
  • CAN Tango Whiskyman
    "To leave the boy with the long hair Are you singing, rhyme coming? Here come a naturally chosen, Call him number one to sleep for. He sings another grip and still Momma, pappa know one knows him. The one"
  • Beyonce Superpower (featuring Frank Ocean)
    "When the palm of my two hands hold each other That feels different From when your hands are in mine That's just the way it is And when my voice is screaming out to my own ears That feels different From"
  • John Kander Cell Block Tango
    "BACKGROUND: (x 4) Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz And now, the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of the Cell Block Tango He had it coming He had it coming He"
  • Chicago Cell Block Tango
    "Welcome To The Cell Block Tango! (Jazz Music) Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) Cicero (Smoke puffs) Lipschitz! Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh (squeezing necklace) Cicero (smoke"
  • Chicago (Musical) Cell block tango
    "Pop Six Squish Uh uh Cicero Lipschitz! Pop Six Squish Uh uh Cicero Lipschitz! Pop Six Squish Uh uh Cicero Lipschitz! He had it coming He had it coming He only had himself"
  • Chicago Musical Cell Block Tango
    "Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh Cicero Lipschitz! Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh Cicero Lipschitz! Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh Cicero Lipschitz! Pop! Six! Squish! Uh Uh Cicero"
  • Primus The Last Superpower Aka Rapscallion
    "I got blood in my gas tank Bones in my steel I eat California condor For my Thanksgiving meal I'm the last superpower I'm the son of a loaded gun I'm Rapscallion When I was young and shiny boy I tried"
  • Anastazja Meisnerowicz Guy
    "Love me All I wanna Be your girl Are you wanna change my world? So be my boy tonight In my mind In my heart in my dream You're perfect guy"
  • Chicago The cell block tango
    "Pop Six Squish Uh uh Cicero Lipschitz!(6mal)He had it comingHe had it comingHe only had himself to blameIf you'd have been thereIf you'd have seen it I betcha you would have done the same! Pop Six Squish"
  • Michael Wong ( Guang Liang ) Tian Tang
    "qian zhao ni zai tian kong fei xiang zhe yang kan shi jie bu yi yang you le ni zai shen pang xiao de lian pang shi jie huo xu jiu zhe yao kuan yan hu ran jiu wang ji le huang zhang ren hai zhi zhong ni"
  • 702 Pootie Tang
    "chorus: If you think you pootie tangin' And you know that you're parlaying On the dance floor shake your thing its Alright alright If you think you pootie tangin' And you know that you're parlaying On"
  • Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber
    "Take that motherfucker GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!! Yeah, good morning to all you motherfuckin notty-headed niggaz Word to the camoflouge large niggaz Bitch niggaz fuckin my body Bring that fuckin meth in here Yo"
  • Family Guy Family Guy Theme
    "Lois: It seems today that all you see, is violence and movies and sex on tv Peter: But where are those good old fashioned values, All: On which we used to rely! Lucky there's a family guy, ucky there's a"
  • Doris Day Guy Is A Guy
    "(Oscar Brand) I walked down the street like a good girl should He followed me down the street like I knew he would Because a guy is a guy wherever he may be So listen and I'll tell you what this fella"

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