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I just beliving justlike this

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I just beliving justlike this

  • Just This Time - Christian Bautista
    "one summer has gone cold my love just couldnt hold some things have remained in the soothing warmth of rain yea just this time i wana let you know that i love you so.. just for once im gonna let u fell that"
  • Just Like This - The Isley Brothers
    "{Intro} Oh, oh Yeah, yeah yeah How can I refuse your body laying next to me I wanna know if you see the same thing that I see Listen baby Laying right here in your bed is where I wanna be Making love"
  • Just Like This - Hanah G
    "I just like it, maybe it will help me, maybe not. I can't or I can just walk away why do I see it on? After that day at school but in the computer. REF .: Just Like This shines for me and let it shine"
  • Just Life This - Limp Bizkit
    "get up get up like this just like this do you feel it get up just like this do you wanna catch the vibe that's keeping me alive? I'm following these phat ass beats until i die fill'em with tension the"
  • Just Like This - Limp Bizkit
    "Get up! Get up! Like This, just like this Do you wanna catch the vibe that's keepin' me alive? Following these fat ass beats till I die Fill em with tension, the sick dimension Rumble the earth with my"
  • Just Like This - Trespassers William
    "Just like that The straw ignites and nothing is left Still through smoke I will know that you're my angel Just like this With a firefly net you take back your kiss It's all yours From the eskimo cold"
  • Just Like This - Webbie ft. Big Head
    "Trill ent Young Savage If it don't make dolla's it don't make sense I'm just doing what I do when I do what I do Nobody do it better nobody If it ain't purple it ain't smoking right I don't know what's"
  • Just Go - Just Off Turner
    "Wave goodbye I don't need to wave goodbye I don't need to tell you why I don't want you no more Oh, you see this face It's the last time you'll see this face All you'll see is the empty space Next to"
  • Just - Jamie Scott
    "Sometimes I feel life's done me wrong Embraced a man without a heart Why do I feel like im running round Scared cos my feet just wont touch the ground What do I pray for at night A chance to feel what"
  • Just - Mudvayne
    "Just a few seconds away from everyone From everything Just a few seconds away A second of your time and an inch of my own space Silence Quiet Need a little peace of mind After all this After all"
  • Just - Henry Ate
    "Lately I've been thinking what if I was wrong And the world never meant you and I to belong We'd have wasted so much time building castles in the sky Only to watch them all fall down Would it be all of"
  • Just Rhymin Wit Kane - Just Ice
    "(Just Ice) Just Ice The immortal Come on As we move (DJ Premier scratches) "The flow pro poetical with skills only a vet'll know" (Just Ice) Just Ice international (DJ Premier Scratches) "Me and my"
  • To Kill This - This Providence
    "with a lack of self esteem i walked into my teens and six years later im still frustrated, im still not who i want to be and now it all comes down to, am i treating you right? if i could just be all that"
  • Just Don't Need This - Sugababes
    "Look across the room I see some guy Steaming over me He's smirking sleazy Probably be older than daddy Since you smiled My expression has changed Come any closer Things will be constrained I walk pass"
  • Just This One Time - Cher
    "I've got to try just one more time To help you believe in me Oh, look into my eyes Check my face for lies and you might see My life's never been everything I want it to be But with you I could change this"
  • Just don't like this - Sugababes
    "Look across the roomI see some guySteaming over meHe's smirking sleazyProbably be older than daddySince you smiledMy expression has changedCome any closerThings will be constrainedI walk pass looking goodDoesn't"
  • Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
    "I’ve been reading books of old the legends and the myths Achilles and his gold Hercules and his gifts Spiderman’s control And Batman with his fists And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list She said:"
  • Just Like This Train - Joni Mitchell
    "I'm always running behind the time Just like this train Shaking into town With the brakes complaining I used to count lovers like railroad cars I counted them on my side Lately I don't count on nothing I"
  • I just got this symphony goin' - The Fall Of Troy
    "All alone, and now it feels so hopeless.With the temporary blood that you draw.Keep in mind when I'm trying to hold this together,Now you're gone and I'm wasting away...And no, we can't deny it.Look in"
  • Just This Side Of Blue - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "I'm just this side of blue, Just as close to crackin' up, Just this shy of packin' up, I'm just this side of blue. It's that time you knew, There's no point in talkin' it out, Just as close to walkin"

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