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In scandinavia runrig

  • In Scandinavia - Runrig
    "I saw something in your eye As the night came down in a Nordic sky Walking in ways of summers past Touching other lands The wind filled sails She stayed to make the moment last Chorus: Here we stand in"
  • Welcome To Scandinavia - Viking
    ""Take a walk in the middle of a winter night/ in a forest all alone/ and you will understand what I mean/ it actually speaks"/ The noisy silence will never leave alone/ It's the wind that every night wildly"
  • Chi Mi'n Geamhradh - By Runrig - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Misc Chi Mi'n Geamhradh - By Runrig -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chi mi'n Geamhradh = I see winter, by Runrig (C & R MacDonald) (Runrig are"
  • Day In A Boat - Runrig
    "On sun soaked seas Baiting the hand lines Neoscan at the oars Turning the bows into the Morea wake For the thrill of it all Across the middle of the bay A line of faces in the waiting hour And I could"
  • Nothing But The Sun - Runrig
    "In there, Out there (repeat several times) Then I began to see the sun and the moon As I wandered round in orbit On this land that I called home No Messiah up in the sky That I could ever see, that I"
  • Harvest Moon - Runrig
    "Sons and daughters of the dust Strangers of time and place For a while your limbs entwine Holy marriage of the flesh But I know your ways Your ways are not mortal thought Till the day breaks and shadows"
  • Recovery - Runrig
    "Watching the morning come in on the land See the moon roll over Skeabost See the young men late in the glen All with camans in hand. Sea winds out on the wild Sea waves crash onto Uig See the black homes"
  • Road And The River - Runrig
    "Sun comes up on these mountain braes And it's breaking on the high ground And the rolling road And the rolling river Are all that I have to hold There in your arms There in your arms I went walking in"
  • The Wedding - Runrig
    "he air was swaying round the first guitar I remember We crossed the river by the Ostrum wall 'neath the stars To where the wedding filled the hall My father sang a song Crossing the river, caught in the"
  • Oran Ailein/Leaving Strathconon - Runrig
    "'''Oran Ailein''' '''Alan's Song''' Teine oidhche geamhradh 'Nar sheasamh air an lar Sheinn sinn oran Ailein Seist is rann 'S an treana ruith cho taibhseil Mar cuimhne tron ghleann 'S iomadh loit nach"
  • Running To The Light - Runrig
    "Running round the sacred mountain The rushing stream Feel the power In everything By the water. where the air is clear Surrender everything Old hearts grow younger again They promise bring The greenest."
  • Empty Glens - Runrig
    "Looking out on all that's been And on all that is and all that's beyond time I close my eyes in isolation Here's where the word was sown All that's grown and all that's passed like ghosts Through the"
  • Gabriel's Sword - Runrig
    "In the middle of the schoolyard Where the bombs have lain to rest There's a child in the darkness waiting But the answers in the history books Are slowly burning down And the words that spell forgiveness Wear"
  • Lifeline - Runrig
    "Hear the call of the wind Feel the dying answer Steel on the mind Cold in the veins Torture and trial Sunrise over the limits Conquest and fire I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive on a lifeline I'm alive I'm"
  • The Dancing Floor - Runrig
    "Beside the braes of dawn One clear new morning Down where the lilies stood in bloom I knew that I was just a stranger in this world A wind just passing through So we dared to stay In these golden ways We"
  • Big Songs Of Hope And Cheer - Runrig
    "The satellites are raining down On the international room There's nothing secret, nothing sacred anymore All the soldiers of the world are turning history around They're with me now, they're breaking down"
  • There's A Need - Runrig
    "From the core of the dark To the spark of the heart There's a need Sons falling into souls Ships breaking on the shore There's a need It's the way her eyes were cast Through the sockets of the past There's"
  • Loch Lomond - Runrig
    "By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes Where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond Where me and my true love spent many happy days On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. T'was there that we parted"
  • Amazing Things - Runrig
    "White clouds cover the whole of the earth Concorde flies through the skies to the states Lifetimes in memory, flesh being born But this is the age of invisible dawn And the man from the government says"
  • The Mighty Atlantic / Mara Theme - Runrig
    "The roll of the wind As we sail across the water The roll of the sea As we're taken through the night The dimming lamp of day Leaves the crimson foam and spray Across the face of the mighty Atlantic In"

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