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Kasia Nova Love Is Music

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Kasia Nova Love Is Music

  • Love Is Music - Kasia Nova
    "Now, we’re gonna let us out Completely forget abbot us Let the whole world stop spinning round, round This moment, You and me Whoever we want to be Nobody here is gonna put us down Close your eyes And"
  • Terra Nova - Edenbridge
    "Welcome home, welcome life So unknown, when you arrive The fire, so cut the wire Your eyes, your small eyes Your eyes, your hopeful eyes Welcome life, welcome home Welcome to a world that's so unknown Dust"
  • Casa Nova - Mia Doi Todd
    "I can fall in love again. I can feel the curse you cast is over. No more no more Casanova. Hip hip hurray, oh hallelujah. I haven't changed much in these ten years. I hit my head up against the wall Of"
  • Bossa Nova - Shivaree
    "Well I think I hate you Isn't this fun your gonna shoot and I darling loaded the gun Well I think I'm done What train did you step off of anyway I really don't care I'm the luckiest girl Gonna lie with"
  • My Nova Scotia Home - Hank Snow
    "Words and music by Hank Snow There's a place I'll always cherish, 'neath the blue Atlantic sky Where the shores down in Cape Breton bid the golden sun to rise And the fragrance of the apple blossoms"
  • Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova) - Pain Of Salvation
    "On the Loss of Innocence Music, lyric and arrangements by Daniel Gildenlw A Scene in Brown and Yellow: At first I don't know why your presence fills me with unease Though I've missed you more than Life"
  • Nova - Dimitri vegas & Like Mike Vs Tujamo & Felguk
    "All right is everybody ready All right is everybody ready"
  • Music Is Love - David Crosby
    "Everybody's saying music is love Everybody's saying it's you know it is, mmm Everyone yes everyone Everyone's saying music music is love Everybody's saying that music is love (music is love) Everybody's"
  • My Bossa Nova - Pizzicato Five
    "(montefiori/nomiya) Translator: andrei cunha Mukashi anata ga suki datta Natsukashii record M ni do to kikanai to Omotte ita kedo Ano natsu no hi anata ni Dakishimerarete Soshite watashi wa Koi ni koi"
  • Music - Sailor
    "Music... music... Born in city lights, raised on city streets Heaven is lost without your dancing feet Heartbeats on your sleeve, Rhythm in your soul Hollywood desperados, bought and sold Through melodies"
  • Music - Erick Sermon
    "Just like music.. Uh-huh, aiyyo yo, uh-huh yeah yeah, uh uh uh There's no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, uh Worrdd up.. Ahhh babyyy.. Just like music.. To relax my mind, so I can be free And ab-sorb sound"
  • Music - Angela Aki
    "Can you hear the music? Can you hear the music? Can you hear the music in love? Can you hear the music? I hear the music I hear the music now {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized"
  • Music - James Taylor
    "Things may always stay the way they are, still my head looks for a change from time to time. I don't really mean to look that far- turn on the music, strike up the music, let the music change my mind. Now"
  • Music - Habegale
    "I've got the rhythm in my veinsAnd you can find it everyday, if you wantI need someone to take a shakeThe game is ready, ready to playDreaming all the nightKiss me, hold me tightWalking on the fireYes,"
  • Music - Dopewalka
    "Music can give we so much strenght, but dem abuse it, yo listen up me friend, nah let we loose it, and let we bun dem trend, ya we refuse it, all a de bad vibez dem send, (2x) music is my first love... it's"
  • Music - The Beautiful Girls
    "Hey girl i love you, Dancing 'round like that will drive me crazy. But why would i want you, When it's plain you're not ever wanting me? Well my whole life all i had was this guitar. Never gonna"
  • Music - Vivian Green
    "As far back as I recall You've played a major part Inspired me to see my place, in life You give me reason to create Everyday is brand new There's something you introduce And you've touched me in those"
  • Music - Joss Stone
    "(feat. Lauryn Hill) Nothing in this world got me like you do baby I'd give up my soul If I couldn't sing with you daily I'm not the only girl In love with you it's crazy I appreciate your groove Now"
  • Music - Patrice
    "When my feet were in shackles And my hands were in chains You took my mind and made it settle In a land so far away When I was toiling in the fields (yeah) You made me push on through Yes I'm head over"
  • Music Music - Eyedea
    "I'll be writing till I'm dead or maybe till I'm alive All the emptiness I've bled has only helped me survive Something melted inside when the tones hit my pulse And stifled the idle eagerness to grow into"

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