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Label 56

  • Label - Fergie
    "I got the sign of sanity I am at death's door You write your fantasy You'll fall down from the top floor Paying your price is very hard And don't tell me what to do We are born to tell a lie I'll steal"
  • EL LABEL - Dudek P56
    "EL LABEL EL LABEL EL LABEL 2017 LABEL, LABEL EL LABEL EL LABEL EL LABEL 2017 LABEL, LABEL EL LABEL P zaczynam dziś porównajmy to z cudem co dzisiaj robimy rozjebiemy tą budę naturalnie mordeczki sami"
  • Label Me - Dogwood
    "I'll take the pain for all you do, Anything to become your best friend, Always waiting with open arms, Only to run into rock solid hearts. Moff me, Scoff me, Beat me, Kill me, Give myself to all under"
  • Black Label - Lamb Of God
    "The human condition is inherit claustrophobia. Compression of my space made complete. I would rip out my own entrails by hand just to be alone. Inanity rolls total through this sphere. Ostracized for clarity"
  • Dub 56 - The Toasters
    "Politicians scheming Try to bring a new tax Populations sleeping Got to get hip to the facts Take a modette out on the dance floor Bass man put down a lick Get involved and your problem is solved Little"
  • 56 Nights - Future
    "Waking up fresh, that's Kodak Killing these niggas, you know that Real street nigga, you know that Real street nigga, you know that I think 56 nights crazy I think 56 nights crazy I think me and Esco"
  • 56 Bars - T.I.
    "Yea (Ay, ay, ay, alright) Alright, Toomp, man, this what the folk been waitin' on, I guess (That's right) Let's give it to 'em, baby (Ay, Grand Hustle, nigga) Ay, man, they been waitin' on this shit since"
  • Czerwiec '56 - Mezo
    "Żaden rząd nie może utrzymać się długo przy władzy, jeżeli będzie się opierał tylko na bagnetach i czołgach. 1.Dziś nie bez przyczyn Tłum na ulicy krzyczy W tym kraju robotniczym Niczym są robotnicy A"
  • Straight Label Jacket - Revis
    "Words pierce through the air They make you wear to get you in a straight jacket label With your face turned to the wall This place penetrates when Everyone that ever tries to tellyou that you're not"
  • Invasion (Realest Label) - Eminem
    "lets get down to business i don't got no time to play around what is this?... what is this? the invasion green lantern the infiltration ... we comin' i got 50 cent i got g unit d-twizzy in this bitch wit"
  • Major Label Debut - Broken Social Scene
    "I'm just coming here to come down I could be here, I could move town Put my suits right on the guest list Saw my pa's boy, became weightless And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked up And I'm all hooked"
  • Record Label Murder - Paris
    ""Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" Tear the roof off, we're gonna tear the roof off the mother, sucker Tear the roof off the sucker (x4) You've got a real type of thing going down, gettin'"
  • Hidden To Label - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "(Laughter) A military force established by deception of sense that you deceive enemies so that they do not know your real condition, and that they can establish supremacy. It is mobilized by a game"
  • Major label debut - Feist
    "I'm just coming here to come downI could be thisI could move townPut masseuse right on the guest listSaw my pause boyBecame weightlessAnd I'm all hooked upI'm all hooked upI'm all hooked upI'm all hooked"
  • Omens (3:56) - King Diamond
    "Nobody's inside the church but the bell is ringing For no reason the floweres are dying Oh, Deadly Omens Oh, Deadly Omens Inside the mansion the air is unbearable, a rotten smell In the dinning room the"
  • Inertia (3:56) - Wonder Stuff
    "Ohh, where does river end? Aah, where does journey find friend? Ohh, where does river end? It just keeps on moving. No, it's not a boy's name, No, it's not a girl's name, Inertia, I'd call my child all"
  • 56 Hope Road - Sugar Ray
    "(feat. Shaggy) Uh, Sugar Ray, Shaggy! And it's the new style, so get wicked and wild They get reversitile, uh There's a place without commotion Down by the sea inside this ocean Deep inside a dream"
  • We The Realest Label - Eminem
    "I got 50 Cent I got G-Unit ??? and Obie Triiiiice So watch what you say Before you call our name If you say one more thing It won't be nice Here we go I shoulda known I was bound to get pulled into some"
  • Label on the Wind - Quorthon
    "I have drunk my head all weary I've been wild in search for fun A lot of dates and names and places Great deal of women I have known But as I sit here and remember all the things that I've been through It"
  • Major Label Debut (Fast) - Broken Social Scene
    "I'm just comin' here to come down I could be here I could move town Put my suits right on the guest list Sign my passport Became weightless And I'm all hooked up Draper Street caught me believin' Spilt"

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