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Lauhing Jack song by Akuma

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Lauhing Jack song by Akuma

  • Jack mode - Compton's Most Wanted
    "(straight Jacking) (grab the nine with the hollow point tip) (It goes 1..2..3..) I'm giving up nuthing. No maybe on your shit boy, I'm scheming. I'm solo, numero uno, the Eiht's fiending. Just to get"
    "Jack when we were younger we hung out We were inseparable But now Jack you stole my thunder Like my girl became my nemesis He might be Mr. Popularity but I wouldn’t wanna change a thing about me Uh oh"
  • Jack - Attacker
    "Dark and gloomy London streets In the shadow lurks this evil Twisted soul, his heart grows gold Anger brewing, tension seetheing Psychopath is on the loose taking life, his hatred crime No one stops this"
  • Jikoai Shugisha No Mijuku Na Akuma - An Cafe
    "HIASOBI () MAX ==Romanized Japanese== aoku fukaku hitomi sumase kuuchuu roukaku kurau yaumai susumu shoujou kuroku somatte yuku kokoro kimi wa jikoai shugisha no ayatsuri"
  • Kiss Me Jack Frost - Heather Alexander
    "Throughout every city within every town There is always a strange man that roves up and down As the sky tumbles over and the cold nips your ear The wind that he conjures let's you know he's here He'll"
  • Farewell Aunty Jack - Aunty Jack
    "Farewell, Aunty Jack. We know you'll be back. Though you're ten feet tall You don't scare us at all. You're big, bold and tough, But you're not so rough. There's a scream as you plummet away. (Allo, me"
  • Akuma no Keshin - SEX MACHINEGUNS
    "Nakikuzureta kao ga, nikushimi de Yugan de Mou owari ni shiyou, urami dake Noko shite... Kurai omoide dake Janai Tada de wa sumasanai Nogashi wa shinai Akuma kara denwa, BELL ga naru Yuuutsu Mada owattenai,"
  • Jack Odiamonds - Fairport Convention
    "Jack O'Diamonds, on the move Jack O'Diamonds, one-eyed knave On the move, hits the street Bumps his head, on the ground Well, he's a scout, you're born to lose Shouldn't stay Jack O'Diamonds is a hard"
  • Pump Jack - Toby Keith
    "I see you standin' in the sun Like an iron dinosaur Got your tired head restin' On a West Texas floor We were really something son Back in our time Yeah we broke a lot of hearts And we made a lot of dimes Pump"
  • Ranger Jack - Rednex
    "Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack let me have my girlfriend back Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack let me have her back Her skin was soft, her eyes were deep Always gentle, kind and sweet In the night, with her bodyheat we"
  • Black jack - Everclear
    "Scary John gets a strong arm on He can break me, make me Happy with his black jack Scary John has a heavy hand on He smiles without his eyes Nice and easy with his black jack Don't tell me you didn't see"
  • Jack Rabbit - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Released as a UK B-side in June, 1973 Go jack-rabbit running through the wood You had a good night and you feel real loose Heard they got you going round the"
  • Jack Ruby - St. Simon 3
    "Before he burst on the scene to be the man that we all know Jack Rubenstein was just a small time mafioso Who ran a dirty strip club in 1963 Where everybody knew that Dallas cops always drink for free "Now"
  • Monsterey Jack - Dr. Hook
  • Master Jack - Four Jacks And A Jill
    "It's a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack You taught me all I know and I'll never look back It's a very strange world and I thank you, Master Jack You took a colored ribbon from out of the"
  • Monterey Jack - Dr. Hook
    "(Shel Silverstein) Monterey Jack woke up in his shack on a Monday Monterey Jack had a little bitty snack of some elderberry wine Monterey Jack walked down the track, all the way to ol' Harley's shack Stuck"
  • Jack&Cola - Blacha 2115
    "wychodzę sam w nocy nie myśląc co mógłbym zmienić przez tą monotonię się czuję czasami jak na żywo manekin mam bóle serca bo tu nie mieszkasz nie pomogą tabletki hajs za którym biegam szybko ucieka dzisiaj"
  • Medicine Jack - The Waterboys
    "Let me tell you the tale of Medicine Jack He went out in the woods and he never came back Equipped with a stick and a big old sack He went too close to the railroad track You know what they say about"
  • Medicine Jack - Mike Scott
    "Let me tell you the tale of Medicine Jack He went out in the woods and he never came back Equipped with a stick and a big old sack He went too close to the railroad track You know what they say about"
  • Fat Jack - Steppenwolf
    "FAT JACK by STEPPENWOLF Rolly Poly Fat Man Thunder down the hall On your way to breakfast You got to have it all A plate of cold spaghetti One day on the floor Clean your chops and take time To contemplate"

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