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Lykke Li - 'Sadness Is a Blessing

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Lykke Li - 'Sadness Is a Blessing

  • Late Night Feelings (ft. Lykke Li) - Mark Ronson
    "i weigh the water i feel it all I ask myself a million questions in the dark I lay myself in silence but silence talks it tells me that heaven is no closer than it as my heart keeps pulling in the wrong"
  • I'm Waiting Here (Lykke Li) - David Lynch
    "I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here I’m waiting here As we fall, never fulfill me there You roll away, only to find you there You’re deepest … never be seen as well Dreaming of whether"
  • Blessing - FictionJunction YUUKA
    "kiss me, my angel bless me and my heart kiss me, my angel bless me and my heart sing me, my angel bless, me, my sorrow kiss me, my angel {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized"
  • Sadness - Anvil
    "The story's been told a million fold Of an artist's search for fame As the years go by His soul cries out in vain All in fun when all's been done Can you bear the weight The tears you cry Will never change"
  • Sadness - Ryan Adams
    "The stars they sink In the oceans of ink Long black ribbons of cars And in the taxi You ask me how I'm doing But you already know Beyond, beyond is not through Its only a reflection of you And something"
  • Miss Li - Miss Li
    "Im a little girl trying to survive in a psycho world I was a spoiled child and I am fighting every bloody day to change my ego mind I am evil and I pay my friends to say Im loving, caring and so kind and"
  • I follow rivers (org.Lykke Li) - Mikołaj Górski
    "Oh I beg you, can I follow? Oh I ask you, why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel Be my only, be the water where I'm wading You're my river running high Run deep, run wild I, I follow, I follow"
  • The Blessing - John Waller
    "Let it be said of us While we walked among the living. Let it be said of us By the ones we leave behind. Let it be said of us That we lived to be a blessing for life. Let it be said of us That we gave"
  • The blessing - Celtic Woman
    "In the morning when you rise,I bless the sun, I bless the skies,I bless your lips, I bless your eyes,My blessing goes with you. In the night-time when you sleep,Oh, I bless you, while a watch I keep,As"
  • The Blessing - Slowmotion Apocalypse
    "Choked by the pressure Inside this glass cage I can't breathe Trapped like an animal Developing sickness I can't just wait for my defeat I am trying to escape from a slow decease Again I feel the thorns"
  • Jah Blessing - Sizzla
    "Yea if you know not love and practice not love then you know We gonna do to extension so this one is from the Black Royal Nation Blessed Do I n I sing with the vibes for the injured and the tongue"
  • Blessing It - Nujabes
    "Each one, teach one we free each one Maryland and Cincinatti to the far east son And we just begun to spread the gospel Substantial, Pase Rock, hip hop apostles Far from preachin with this art you call"
  • Ridder Lykke - Rocazino
    "Rocazino: "Ridder lykke" 1: sent, sent om natten alene med mig selv drmmen om dig kan ikke sles ihjel 2: Inde bag ved dren der hvor alt kan ske venter du, venter du meget svr at se chorus: Ridder lykke,"
  • Life Is Not A Blessing - Rehab
    "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and f**k you State your religious background I don't believe in shit Life is hell I'm wearing oven mits When I'm rubbing the tits Earth is a materialistic"
  • Samba of the blessing - Sergio Mendes
    "It's better to be happy than sad Happiness is the best thing there is It is like a light in the heart But to make a samba with beauty It's needed a bit of sadness If not the samba can't be made To make"
  • Chun-Li - Beefy
    "Yes, yes! Scotch tape...and Beefy. We're gonna be your best friend on here, while we talk about the greatest-- Greatest Women in the world! She is known as the strongest female in the world, There is"
  • Sadness Soot - Grant Lee Phillips
    "I'm movin' with the strength of a spear I'm cruisin' with the past in my mirror Done leveling my city of ghosts Cool ashes like it's all that she wrote Shake off the sadness soot It's doin' me good Embrace"
  • Sadness Grows - Spirit Of The West
    "Hello love it's London calling Wave the white hanky, a breath for the belly Keep on hoping for blood in the morning Nothing's right, everything's hurting Everything's hurting Goodbye love my lids are"
  • Morning Sadness - Madina Lake
    "Cut my eyes on visions of you Memories aren't clear I lost touch with the boy I knew While you were still here Have you met your god? Does he know I'm in pain? Does he even have any plans For me to see"
  • Sister Sadness - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "walk on by sister sadness I'm through with you I'm telling you that I'm not listening anymore cause I'm sick of you I'm telling you don't tell me you don't understand if I'd only give you my finger I"

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