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Roxette Flading Flover

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Roxette Flading Flover
  • Dr. Feelgood Roxette
    "(Wilko Johnson) I saw you out the other night I saw somebody hold you tight Roxette, I wonder who it could be It was so dark I couldn't see But I know it wasn't me When I tell you it ain't right I know"
  • Volturian Fading Like a Flower (Roxette cover)
    "In a time when the sun descends alone I ran a long long way from home To find a heart that's made of stone I will try, I just need a little time To get your face right out of my mind To see the world through"
  • Roxette Crash! Boom! Bang! (Spanish)
    "Mi propio padre que me conoca no se equivocó, dudaba de m. Mi madre siempre todo lo saba. No doy ms de no, no doy ms de s soy as Cada vez que me enamoro yo... Crash! Boom! Bang! Siento algo como"
  • Roxette Una Reina Va Detr
    "Una puerta m s una llave mais y todas me llevan a ti. Hace tiempo que tu casa abr y no te encontr. Yo senti el perfume del amor. Me he enamorado de ti, pero tu no. Hay un dia para querer y un dia para"
  • Roxette Quisiera Volar
    "(Aahhh..) Una noche ms, En blanco sin dormir Tu sombra en la pared La mente se me va en ti Quisiera volar hacia la luz Ir ms all, donde ests t Lejos del mar y la ciudad Besar el azul por donde t vas Otra"
  • Roxette Alguien
    "alguien para descubrir el amor para quererse alguien para compartir el dolor y perdonarse toda la vida buscandote lejos de mi y eras tu esa persona que sabe querer y eres tu... alguien para dar un beso"
  • Roxette Lo Siento
    "Poco a poco me olvido de ti Es natural las cosas son asi Me equivoque buscaba un corazon Hecho para mi, mi mitad De pronto la vida cambio de color El viento bailaba separandonos Mi mundo feliz dejo de"
  • Roxette Entering Your Heart
    "I came in crawling with an absent-minded smile I had so many things un-tied that summer night when I decided it was worth another try entering your heart.. ohh yeah close your eyes don't say a word"
  • Roxette Fading Like A Flower
    "In a time Where the sun descends alone I ran a long, long way from home To find a heart that's made of stone I will try I just need a little time To get your face right out of my mind To see the world"
  • Roxette Breathe
    "(Breath your love) I've gotta come down, I've been awake for far too long. My eyes look torn, They were so strong. I wore the crown, I wrote the song Now it's fading. My heart was open Like a window to"
  • Roxette The Weight Of The World
    "Per: Sunday morning I'm still hiding in bed Listening to the rhythm of the rain above my head and all that I have said I sure saved a lot for you But what could I do? If I'd been talking to the wall it"
  • Roxette It Hurts
    "Can you tell me where it leads When it's never ending Can you tell me where to go When noones home And I know, you know It hurts, it hurts to be alone You're on your own On a oneway train going down Can"
  • Roxette See Me
    "With the moon and the sun in his eyes He's arriving And I don't know what I do without him I got life suddenly See, see me I've got nothing to hide See me I've got nothing to hide, see me I'm leaving"
  • Roxette Every Day
    "Every day I see him coming Every day he walks on by Life used to be so plain and simple Before he came into my life Every night I keep on dreaming Every night I take him home We always go to bed together I"
  • Roxette Opportunity Nox
    "Well, I like you, I couldn't think of anything but you For a week I was in love with your hairdo I couldn't chew those smart things I used to I knew I was way over the moon When I met you, when I met you,"
  • Roxette Little Miss Sorrow
    "She had those magic eyes You could see from miles around She wore her summer dresses bright Quite like the sky She always came in colours All smiles and daffodils She let her hair down in the breeze"
  • Roxette Stupid
    "Everything you do you do so right The clothes you buy are awfully nice You wear your image bullet-proof Your stocks are always thru the roof You make me feel so stupid Make me feel stupid And you grew"
  • Roxette Makin' Love To You
    "If there was a night to say Something to cherish on a rainy day If I close my eyes I go blind I'm the middle of a rush, rush Makin' love to you Is all I ever wanted to do Am I leaving world behind? I"
  • Roxette Better Off On Her Own
    "My girl came home to me Just the other day acting okay I was reading alone In my favourite room the TV was on May I be excused For not telling the truth Cause she's gone She said she's better off on"
  • Roxette Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart)
    "You promised me it would last forever You said there's no way it could die Everything you ever told me Was a bunch of lies Hey, I'm on the back of the outside You know that's not where I belong, no Every"

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