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  • Rover Grawitacja
    "Oglądam życie od środka, uczę się kadrów, Schowaj w moje słowa ciało skulone od wiatru, Gdybym miał skrzydła, usiadłbym na maszcie statku, Pióra przekuł w żelazo, siadając na pasie startu. A między Niebem"
  • SoKo Lovetrap (Feat. Ariel Pink)
    "[?] assasin Blew a hole in my chest And she left me dead alive I'm at her mercy I beg her for pity But she kills me with a smile Be my girlfriend Be my best friend Be my everything Don't leave my side Don't"
  • J. Cole G.O.M.D
    "Hollywood Cole Go Ain't no option! /xx You wanna know just where I'm at Well let me tell you 'bout it I put my city on the map But let me tell you 'bout it They tryna say I can't come back Ay let me"
  • Ariel Pink Dayzed Inn Daydreams
    "I died unknown Stillborn, one morning Letters on paper They remain At least my work is done The picture's gone But the memory lingers on Farewell This one's for you I used to dream Dream away Hide in"
  • Ariel Pink Picture Me Gone
    "Let's make a toast to glory days When you were 8 and I was only 41 I dedicate this selfie to the little guy Who will outlast me when I'm done Look into my camera lens And straight through me I see that"
  • Anathema Ariel
    "I found you In the dark I found you In the dark Don't leave me Here Don't leave me Staring at the sun A love so strong it hurts Staring at the sun A love so strong it hurts I dreamed of you In the dark You"
  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Only In My Dreams
    "If at first you don't succeed at love Just dream a little dream about a girl so real When she don't call up no more, well Never give up, you gotta believe it If only in my dreams (only in my dreams) If"
  • Fisz Emade Nie bo nie
    "Hej! E-hej! ej! Staram się oszczędzać czas, ale później nie wiem co z tym fantem zrobić. Więc zabijam czas, próbuję dobić go jak trupa. Gdy się rusza, wykrusza spomiędzy palców jak piach. Wykorzystać"
  • Auteurs, The Fear Of Flying
    "Auteurs, The After Murder Park Fear Of Flying You may be wary of fallen stars They're always poking around in the dark The ariel view of a dying man Screaming out can you help me invisible man You must"
  • Ariel Rivera Pangako
    "Bakit, lagi kang nagdududa Ayaw mong maniwalang Pagibig ko ay tunay... Inaamin ko, ako ang nagkasala... Naiwan mong nagdurusa Sa pagkakamali ko... ooh woh... oo wohh... Pangako, di na mauulit... Hindi"
  • Ariel Lin Er Zuo Ju
    "Wo zhao bu dao hen hao de yuan yin Qu zu dang zhe yi qie de qing yi Zhe gan jue tai qi yi Wo bao qian bu neng shuo ming Wo xiang xin zhe ai qing de ding yi Qi ji hui fa sheng ye bu yi ding Feng wen rou"
  • Anthony Green Plays Ugly For Daddy
    "I feel your smooth skin, slightly brushed. I need your song, your song, your song, started over. I hear the exclamation point. Your eyes are so there (greener) Your eyes are so there (greener) Your eyes"
  • Charta 77 Paranoia
    "Alla minna sinnen är på helspänn här i kväll Jag kan inte sova, läser sagor för mig själv Alla deras ögon bevakar mig vart jag än går Orkar inte vaka, orkar inte en natt till Ser bilder av araber som inget"
  • Clique Girlz Hands Off
    "(Destinee) There's a rumor Circulating You put the moves on The one I'm dating Your message... intercepted Your actions need to be corrected You don't have a Chance in heaven You'll never get him Give"
  • Clique Girlz Here With Me Now
    "Destinee:I could tell you anything at all (and you dont laugh at me) didnt have to look before id fall (cause youd always catch me) anything I did i had a friend (and you always had me) and we made a pack"
  • Ariel Moore Living On The Edge
    "O..., yea Gotta catch my breathe and feel my heart beat Aint nobody left, just got my two feet. To carey me on, their playing my song Been waiting for so long To see the lights turn on, hear the hands"
  • Ariel Moore Stronger (with Alexandria)
    "I felt so alone It's how you made me feel Pushed back from my dreams The world was spinning Well I stood still The waves crash all around Beating me down But I will not drown Tired of feeling bound So"
  • The Fixx How Much Is Enough
    "Good enough's not good enough Don't complain that you've got it tough With all you have your life's a bore Can't relax you want so much more Blind needs won't set you free Can't you see that Time is slipping"
  • Soprano Moi j'ai pas
    "Moi j'ai pas la culture d'AKH Ni la plume de Oxmo Ni la culture du double H Moi j'ai pas la cratine de fifty Ni la femme de Jay-Z Moi j'ai pas les dents en or de Joey Ni le round de Kool Shen Ni le mpc"
  • Mark Ronson ft. Saigon Diduntdidunt
    "See john was a diduntdidunt, know what im sayin? My man john was a fuckin diduntdidunt, holla You know u got them diduntdidunt niggas in the hood, know'm sayin... Guys that don't mean nothin to nobody... Fuckin"

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