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  • Ada - The National
    "Ada dont talk about reasons why you dont want to talk about reasons why you dont wanna talkNow that you got everybody you consider sharpall alone. all together, all together in the darkLeave it all up"
  • Ada - Baku
    "Aahh Aahh Aahh, ah Wszyscy nas sie czepiają Od Adamów i Michalaków wyzywają Ciągle o nim ględzą Mówią z taką nędzą Adam jest taki brzydki Już mam ładniejsze łydki! Przestańcie czepiać się nas Wywalcie"
  • Jarek, zbawca ojczyzny - Henryk Rejmer
    "Hazard mnie kreci daję słowo, Chętnie obstawiam tu i tam, A gram roztropnie, sprytnie, z głową, Żeby nie było z tego strat. Służewiec, konie, prosta gra I bomba w górę, konie w cwał. Dla popaprańców groźny"
  • Ade - Erben der Sch
    "Yesterday you told me It's all over You don't love me Anymore Please shoot the bullet which stops my pain Give me the knife which takes my life Please give me the rope which murders my breath Push me in"
  • Ada, to nie wypada - Ada Biedrzy
    "Wciąż się martwi biedny tatek, Co ma począć, nie wie sam. Taki jak ja gagatek, Nie lada to kram. I po każdej nowej psocie, Gdy go dręczy wyczyn mój, Płaczą z nim wszystkie ciocie I babcia, i wuj. Ada,"
  • Anna - Claude King
    "This old house is falling down the board is rotten up from the ground Anna Anna I wanna see my Anna The bacon's cold the gravy's steamed to eat my cooking ain't same as it seemed Anna Anna I wanna see"
  • Anna - Miguel Bose
    "''(Verse 1)'' Strolling up the avenue Down in Hollywood Broken heart, my eyes in tears That's the way I feel. ''(Bridge 1)'' Searching all over, over and over Hoping to see you Searching all over, over"
  • Anna - Nixons
    "Isn't it a shame Mary Jane had a pain... at the party And I don't know why it was just a fly in a dream Mother always use to say Anna's sure to come your way You'll be alone... never be the same Anna..."
  • Anna - Alexander
    "Anna, you come and ask me girlTo set you free, girlYou say he loves you more than meSo I will set you freeGo with him (Anna) Go with him (Anna)Anna, girl, before go nowI want you to know, nowThat I still"
  • Anna - Top Suzara
    "I long to tell you How much I need you If I can find the words to say I never have to feel this way Not knowing just what to do when I'm with you My friends they tell me That I shouldn't hurry Everything"
  • Anna - Apo Hiking Society
    "I long to tell you How much I need you If I can find the words to say I never have to feel this way Not knowing just what to do when I'm with you My friends they tell me That I shouldn't hurry Everything"
  • Anna - Harry Styles
    "just know it's not with me don’t know what i’d tell you if I passed you on the street I don’t want your sympathy but you don’t know what you do to me oh, Anna Every time I see your face there’s only so"
  • Anna - Toto
    "Anna please turn around We'll work it out somehow Anna don't turn me down There's still a chance if we can hold out once more 'Cause we started out with love That was more than enough And that's a lot"
  • Anna - Beatles
    "Anna, you come and ask me girl To set you free, girl You say he loves you more than me So I will set you free Go with him, go with him Anna, girl, before you go now I want you to know now That I still"
  • Anna - Will Butler
    "Hey, little Anna, you're the one Rising before the lazy sun Open the store and bake the bread Leave all the dreamers with the dead Pray that whatever's lost is lost Nail all your worries to the cross Take"
  • Anna - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) The passion of Anna Kept her awake But not aware of things That easily break The darkness determined To burn and to free Anna wonders Will this exit please A serious song, she said Of my"
  • Anna - Michael W. Smith
    "Jack is in the corner The dish is with the spoon The sheep is in the meadow The cow is on the moon But I am here with you and I believe There's no other place I'd rather be And a promise not to leave you Is"
  • Anna - Antje Duvekot
    "Anna stares out of the window It's her eighty fifth spring She tries to concentrate on something Her face is strained and she's confused At the walls in this room And all the strangers standing around"
  • Anna - The Cribs
    "Anna, you ever wonder why I’m here? To sit and call the girl queen’s man Is it awkward? Or our fake friends Some of the spaces before Ashore And I was only asking for what I knew is mine And I was only"
  • Anna - Hello Saferide
    "You know, we could have had a daughter. And we could have named her Anna. And she would have been a sweetheart. But with punk rock manners. She could have supported us when we retire, bought us a"

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