Top Suzara: Anna

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Top Suzara: Anna

I long to tell you
How much I need you
If I can find the words to say
I never have to feel this way
Not knowing just what to do when I'm with you

My friends they tell me
That I shouldn't hurry
Everything keeps goin' strong
Coz you keep it going on
Though i have to say how much I love you

Oh Anna can't you tell and see
What you're doing to me
Oh Anna this feeling I just can't hide
Keeps driving me wild
Oh Anna I need you here with me
I wish you could be
Oh Anna won't you stay with me

Your eyes, they look through me
Your smile they fools me
I never thought I'd love again
But this time I hope it never ends
I have to let you know
I love you

(repeat chorus 2x)

Oh Anna

(repeat chorus to fade)
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Top Suzara: Anna

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Top Suzara: Anna

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Top Suzara: Anna

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