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all aubout that bas

  • Celeste - Bas En Joel (Songfestival) - Idols Teen
    "Celeste Unfortunately, it happened to me You've locked my heart and you've lost the key Everything's changed now, a flower has faded Rejected by her still you were mated I'm drowning in grief, I'd"
  • Parle Plus Bas - Dalida
    "Le premier dans ma vie M'appelait la dame du Nil On attendait la nuit Sur Le Caire endormie Pour compter les toiles Et puis on a grandi A Paris trangre Il m'a pris comme"
  • Bas - Skaldowie
    "Pewien bas belcanta eks - królpoczuł raz frustrację i bólże już dziś, co za wstydnie zachwyca nim się niktlecz ten bas, niech każdy to wiemówić "pas" nie myślał, o nie!walczyć jął niby lewby świat wielbił"
  • Bas - LUDWIK
    "Cham styl, chamski styl, mówisz nie Weź mi z tym, mówię kij z tym Na dniach wychodzi, co się dzieje? Pokazujesz mi kto wyginie, kto dojrzeje Tu brutalne życie, brutalny sposób walk Nie udowodnisz mi wyższość,"
  • Burning Heart (Bas En Joel) - Idols Teen
    "Bas: Does it feel the same? When he calls your name And does it feel the same When you play the game of love Joel: When he holds you tight Does it feel alright? Just like it used to do When I was with"
  • All That Matters To Me - Take That
    "Now that you're older and girl I'm older too (yeah yeah) Baby I'll still have those feelings, those feelings for you Cos you are all that matters to me You're all that matters (all that matters to love) You're"
  • All That - TLC
    "Fresh out the box Stop, look, and watch Ready yet, get set It's All That Chorus Oh, oh, oh this is All That This is All That Check it, check it, check it Now this is just an introduction before we blow"
  • All That - Hazen Street
    "I believed believed in you The things you said said not to do You made the rules you always broke behind the scenes its all a joke well i believed believed in you ive come to realize the sad truth youre"
  • All That - Changing Faces
    "You're love is all that But mine is much better (What what what) You're love is all that But mine is much better (What what what) You're love is all that But mine is much better (What what what)"
  • All That - Carly Rae Jepsen
    "I wanna play this for you all the time I wanna play this for you when you're feeling used and tired I wanna make the best of you and more Just lay me in your arms /2x I'll be the magic you ever see You"
  • All That - MC Lyte
    "There's a song.. that I sing.. whenever I'm sad.. feelin bad It was a date, a simple little fuckin date or so I thought, wasn't that my great mistake He picked me up at eight, from my crib We went to"
  • All That - Afu-Ra
    "You know I'm like a hop, skip and jump from slappin you senseless Perverted Monk on this mic, you feel the sentence Hot vernacular scorch just like incense I'm intense, shit vibin like a sixth sense Lyrics"
  • Bad Bas You, Bad Bad Me - Stephen Fretwell
    "You look so dainty darlin' Crossin' over the road To where the taxis wait in line You move like violence darlin' you're stubborn as they get me everytime So come on over darlin' and bring those magazines and"
  • All That That Implies - Michael Penn
    "Filibust and hesitate You say I procrastinate And that my heart beat's second rate To one you'll recognize I know that you are drawn to it So all I am is counterfeit It pulls you so you must submit Like"
  • La-bas, La-bas - Alan Stivell
    "L-bas, l-bas, l-bas, l-bas, Mais tu tais partie dj, Courir trop tard, courir l-bas, Train et mtro, loin l'hpital, Trop tard, trop tard, trop tard, trop tard, Tu n'tais dj plus ici-bas. Dinerc'h, dizaon,"
  • Is That All? - U2
    "Oh to sing this song makes me angry I'm not angry with you. Is that all? Is that all? Is that all? Oh to sing this song makes me happy I'm not happy with you. Oh to sing this song makes me dance. Is that"
  • That ain't all - Perry Como
    "I'm gonna buy you a big hat with feathers an' plumes I'm gonna buy you a mansion with sixty thousand rooms An' that ain't all . . . no that ain't all! I'm gonna buy you powder, I'm gonna buy you paint"
  • All That Matters - Mark Knopfler
    "My darling girl My darling girl You're all that matters In this wicked world All that matters All that matters My darling boy My darling boy All of my sunshine And all of my joy You're all that matters All"
  • He's All That - Cascada
    "I knew it from the start From the first day that we met I knew to take your hand Was something I would not regret Since that I found a girl in the town That I wanted to be I slowly know that's what he"
  • She's All That - Collin Raye
    "She was singin' "Love Me Tender" at the local karaoke I knew right then and there I had found my one and only She takes my breath away everytime I see her Just couldn't wait for all my boys to meet her She's"

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