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hozier arsonist lullaby

  • Arsonist - Between The Buried And Me
    "Compassion no more, the angel sleeps in her blood. Guilt will ruin... you rest no more. I will always watch... until the last church is burned, until the guilty drown in blood, until your preachers of"
  • Arsonist Savior - Cephalic Carnage
    "Growing up a lonely kid Blaine had an infatuation with fire Stealing lighters, matches, whatever he could get Pyromaniacal son of an architect, working hard Pioneering buildings that would not burn"
  • The Arsonist - Thrice
    "There is truth beneath the floorboards; there is hope in brick and stone. But they tell me just to shut my mouth; leave well enough alone. But I think maybe all that's needed, is a match and gasoline; because"
  • Your Arsonist - American Nightmare
    "Addicted to monotonous crush I even dropped out of school To catch up on sleep Take the train for hours And then try to forget Where you left your heart Read the free form poem To your locked door"
  • Your Arsonist - Give Up The Ghost
    "Addicted to monotonous crush I even dropped out of school To catch up on sleep Take the train for hours And then try to forget Where you left your heart Read the free form poem To your locked door"
  • Deanne The Arsonist - Atreyu
    "Coward, the next time you want to fuck me over stab me in the front Can I still see my future in your eyes, or can I picture myself dead in your embrace And your cruel crimson red smile, kills Everyone"
  • Almost (Sweet Music) - Hozier
    "i came in from the outside burned out from a joyride she likes to roll here in my ashes anyway played from the besides Stella by starlight there was my heart the drums that start off night and day the"
  • Lullaby - Jack Johnson
    "When you're so lonely lying in bed Night's closed it's eyes but you can't rest your head Everyone's sleeping all through the house You wish you could dream but forgot to somehow Sing this lullaby to yourself Sing"
  • Lullaby - Matt Costa
    "When you're so lonely lyin in bedNight's closed its eyes but you can't rest your headEveryone's sleeping all through the houseYou wish you could dream but forgot to somehowSing this lullaby to yourselfSing"
  • Lullaby - Elisa
    "They call me Lullaby cause all I want and all I know is only to fly They call me Lullaby I've never seen their blood I've never seen that sparkle in their eyes I don't know What's hidden in their minds They"
  • Lullaby - Myxx
    "Hey Baby I can't sleep tonight What are you doing right now? Yea Well I really miss you Alot No I really do So your not too busy for me or anything are you? I know Okay Good I'm packin my bag"
  • Lullaby - Josh Groban
    "(feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo) Hush now baby don't you cry Rest your wings my butterfly Peace will come to you in time And I will sing this lullaby No though I must leave, my child But I would stay"
  • Lullaby - Joey Moe
    "Hey now, don't you cry Baby let me dry your eyes Little miss pouty lips How about a smile? I know what you need Girl I got the therapy In my bed, you'll forget Let me clear your mind (Bridge) When you"
  • Lullaby - Reef
    "For your lady, something sweet, A lullaby before she sleeps, And if your lady should awake, You'll hold he in your arms again, again. For your children, something sweet, A lullaby before they sleep, And"
  • Lullaby - Nickelback
    "Well, I know the feeling Of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge And there ain't no healing From cutting yourself with the jagged edge I'm telling you that, it's never that bad Take it from someone"
  • Lullaby - Warrior Soul
    "(Clarke) Go to sleep In my arms A soul to keep From all harm I lie awake In a crystal calm Your face so sweet til The end of time A lullaby Makes you feel better The worlds all but died But were together A"
  • Lullaby - Wang Chung
    "Let's go out tonight Put on your shoes Get away from here Far from the local blues Let's go out tonight Let's make our escape From the city lights And all the familiar shapes We can drive all night We"
  • Lullaby - Emmy Rossum
    "Laying alone with the history that made you Cold and uncertain inside Well careful now, deep breath The water's still rising But your silver lining's in sight When you feel like you're breaking down And"
  • Lullaby - Blackfield
    "share my cup tie me up never part break my heart go to sleep wound me deep be at peace make me bleed do no harm twist my arm lie with grace smash my face kiss the ground drag me down stop the noise smash"
  • Lullaby - Delain
    "We are sinking this ship now By midnight hour How long can you hold your breath? To the sirens who sing to The broken hearts We are humming the same tune Goodbye my lullaby Under water reflected Flahes"

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