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  • M - Molotov
    "I'll rip your head off and defecate down your neck You better alejate because I don't give a heck You can't understand how I kicks my bingo you better step back because here comes the crazy gringo I your"
  • M - Rythem
    "Itsumo issho ni itakatta Tonari de waratte takatta Kisetsu wa mata kawaru no ni Kokoro dake tachidomatta mama Anata no inai migigawa ni Sukoshi wa nareta tsumori de ita no ni Doushite konna ni namida ga"
  • M - Maroon 5
    "If good girls get down on the floor Tell me how low will a bad girl go I wake up with blood-shot eyes Struggled to memorize The way it felt between your thighs Pleasure that made you cry Feel so good"
  • M - Elefant
    "MISFIT Picked a girl up at the trainstop where I live Took a drive along the beach by the ocean Talk about the dreams we had while we were growing old Wrote a poem on the back of your shoulder Chorus"
  • M - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Mlanie Mlanie Mlanie Pardonnes-moi si je t'appelle ainsi Mais les chagrins sont des millions Et je rassemble en un seul nom Tous les enfants de ma chanson Les enfants qui sont au bord de la"
  • M - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    "Should I be more industrious, civilized, illustrious? Should I not have freed our old and tired horse from the cart? And these are gonna be a problem honey, If I don't believe that time is money And I've"
  • M - Mononc' Serge
    "Hier au soir j'ai fait un rve pouvantable J'tais une pomme de terre de Saint-Amable Arrach ma terre natale, dport Montral Un gros camion me dompe station de tlvision Les camras tournent On fait jouer"
  • M - Ohrbooten
    "Ich bin gerne mit dir verliebt im Jetzt und Hier Du sagst zu mir auch du bist gerne mit mir Und du sagst zu mir Wenn du mich siehst, sprst du Wrme, die in deinem Herzen fliet Wenn ich mit dir bin"
  • M & M - Billy Talent
    "You came to me like my alarm I carved your first and last name in my arm Now I only wear black so maybe then you will see I'm just a shadow of what I am supposed to be You fuel my fire with your laughs"
  • M-16 - Sodom
    "the awe of love pulled out of the roots just rolling thunder we found pregnant with the tears of shame but never let'em out we shoot'em down we shoot'em down we shoot'em down free fire zone with my m-16 vendetta"
  • M-E - REO Speedwagon
    "Lately we're acting like two kids in school, Spelling out things so he wont know we're through. We know it's over and we don't want to say, But letter by letter, he showed me today. And he really turned"
  • S&M - Rihanna
    "Na na na! Come on! Na na na! Come on! Na na na na na! Come on! Na na na! Come on! Come on! Come on! Na na na! Come on! Na na na! Come on! Na na na na na! Come on! Na na na! Come on! Come on! Come on! Na"
  • S M - Dean Friedman
    "By dean friedman Well, I was struttin' by a hootchie bar on jane st. Trying hard to dodge the doodoo in my path When I heard footsteps behind me in the same beat And some joker went and grabbed my ass I"
  • M-80 - Papa Roach
    "This music is my time To relax and rewind I'll be brutal with truth And i'll be honest with my soul Be the pile of trash A bum picks through to get a bite to eat I'm filthy I'm horny I'm dirty, nasty,"
  • M-Body - Voivod
    "scrape the build-up off my tongue don't cough you'll hurt my lung make me high and make me numb just do it you wont look dumb square into a circle make it fit never mind and make sure of it stuffing one"
  • M (eng) - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Maria" There is someone I should love; every person who has ever been hurt... As I look around, everyone busily hurries on by. I noticed that this year, too, the signs of winter have come very soon. Again,"
  • M appari - Michael Bolton
    "M'appari tutt''amor, il mio sguatdo l'incontro: bella si che il mio cor, ansioso a lei volo: mi feri, m'invaghi quell'angelica belta, sculta in cor dall'amor cancellarsi non potra: il pensier di poter"
  • Orange M - Stereo Total
    "There was me, that is Franoise And I sat in the Firegoldpooshka Looking for drencroms Hoping to meet my droogies Next to me were some gloopy lewdies Drinking molokococktails I asked them for Synthemescal Vellocetanol or"
  • M-1 - Trick Trick
    "(Intro) (Trick Trick) This is some f**ked up shit man. I'm fighting for my motherf**king life. I'm sittin' here all this time on some dumb shit? These bitches out to kill me, they aint playin'! I aint"
  • Alle M - Peter Kraus
    "Alle Mdchen wollen kssen Und von der Liebe alles wissen Und mchten nichts vom Glck vermissen Sie wollen alle glcklich sein Alle Boys die wollen hren Dass die Mdchen sie begehren Und gern in ihrer"

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