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  • 53 Hours - Exit
    "your words seem so vague from hot lips, from your cold lips mostly forgetting more than just the topic melting eyes losing sight and breaking away fighting a memory of the touch my eyes catching hold and"
  • Im Sommer 53 - EAV
    "Im Sommer 53, es blhet der Jasmin. Du Reich der tausend Jahre, wie schnell gingst du dahin! Ein Stdtchen leckt sich die Wunden im Schoe der Donauauen, von emsigem Wollen besessen, eine Brcke zur Zukunft"
  • Im Sommer 53 - Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung
    "Im Sommer 53, es blhet der Jasmin. Du Reich der tausend Jahre, wie schnell gingst du dahin! Ein Stdtchen leckt sich die Wunden im Schoe der Donauauen, von emsigem Wollen besessen, eine Brcke zur Zukunft"
  • Spacetown (4:53) - Happy Head
    "(David Barratt/Bill Clift/Carl L. Marsh) anybody ever had a dream wouldn't wake up and lose it over me anybody ever stole a scene wouldn't need to if the could only be strangely serene facing the shakedown nobody"
  • 19 53 (NorthWest) - Pati Yang
    "This time it was summer and the planet grew upwards The steam the horizon before the snow before the endless winter within the heat wave Against the walls against the ashes of those who didn't find the"
  • Cold Turkey (3:53) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "I walk around in everlasting longing I have it now and know it will be so one day when we are not together anymore I'll take the ship and leave the shore You walk around blindfold the next days in a haze on"
  • Le Sauvage (3:53) - Trust
    "(B. Bonvoisin / N. Krief / M. Chemlek) Putain de vie, putain de terre Maudit soit le jour o j'ai vu l'enfer C'tait le sauvage, c'tait mon frre Les gens le toisaient d'un drle d'air Trente ans de labeur"
  • The Story Of '53 - Jersey
    "Do you know me? I was on TV in 1963 for armed robbery. Here's my story. I didn't even keep the money. It's my time, my time was standing still This deadbeat job's so stagnant. And I'm alive, still got"
  • 19:53 (North west) - Pati Yang
    "This time it was summerand the planet grew upwardsThe steam, the horizonbefore the snowbefore the endless winterwithin the heat waveAgainst the walls, against the ashes of thosewho didn't find the shadow"
  • 53 Rd & 3 Rd - The Ramones
    "If you think you can, well come on man I was a Green Beret in Viet Nam No more of your fairy stories 'Cause I got my other worries. 53rd and 3rd Standing on the street 53rd and 3rd I'm tryin' to turn a"
  • These Words Behind (3:53) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "Look here I'm home again but I can't do anything I've got a plenty for the things I want but I feel wrong here were I stand in all my restlessness I've got a view how I like to be and that I want you listen"
  • Igy Tunsz El (3:53) - Moby Dick
    "/P. Hoffer/ ---------------------------- Tul sok ver Tul sok halal Egy reklamszoveg Sziven talal Nyilt seb az eg Tul mely, tul kek Egett rongy A zaszlorudon Szaguld veled Egy nyitott vagon Hull rad a ho Tul"
  • To Bobby (3:53) (Joan Baez) - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Come From The Shadows To Bobby (3:53) (Joan Baez) I'll put flowers at your feet, And I will sing to you so sweet, And hope my words will carry home to your heart. You left us marching on the"
  • BZRP Music Sessions 53 (Pique Diss) - Shakira
    "(Uh, uh, uh, uh) (Pa' tipos como tú) (Uh, uh, uh, uh) Ah-oh (Uh, uh, uh, uh) (Pa' tipos como tú) (Uh, uh, uh, uh) Perdón, ya cogí otro avión Aquí no vuelvo No quiero otra decepción Tanto que te las das"
  • Breakin' My Back (N Finn) 3:53 - Split Enz
    "Come my girl, you could cure almost anything Take this man, use your power give him energy Pick me up, stop me feeling sorry for myself There are times, when almost everybody needs some help "
  • Benfeitores Do Universo - Cartolinhas De Caxias, 53 - Martinho Da Vila
    "Acordem Benfeitores do universo Que vou render tributo aos meus heróis E nesta apoteose grandeza Eu peo a presena de todos vós De todos vós Antonio Francisco Lisboa O maior vulto da arte colonial Pedro"
  • Welcome To The Cheap Seats (2:53) - Wonder Stuff
    "Laugh when he jokes, slap him when he chokes. It's time to give up the smokes. And ohh when he cries don't wipe his eyes, take the wine from the swine, and remind him of his crimes. Ohh in another world............ yeah"
  • Karty na stół - Artur Gotz
    "Poznałem ją w barze na dole sok piłem sam grzecznie przy stole jak smarkacz się na nią gapiłem aż słomkę do oka włożyłem Podeszła znienacka jak łania przytula mnie bez pytania i pyta czy mam może karty bo"
  • Palma na blokach - Beteo
    "Ciemna brama i marihuana, lepiej się z nami nie zadawać Na kolana mało kto pada nawet, jak krwią umazana twarz Tu na oczy nie widziałeś guna, ale już szpagaciarza tak Czemu go nikt po ośce za to nie gania,"
  • 22 na centrum - A.J.K.S.
    "Systematycznie działam jak perpetuum mobile zatrzymuję się na chwilę bo tak miłe gdy debile dostają w pysk i pozostają w tyle każde długie jak Chile morda kurwa trzymać ryje macie koło ucha żmije co się"

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