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o christmast pine

  • Pine - Ruby
    "I ... I picked this pine Stuck in my side I've made my head, And there I'll hide my Mouth a grin My muscle taut My mind is clear, Devoid of thought My... my mouth is red The lies are real And perfect"
  • Splitter Pine - DumDum Boys
    "Hei, hvor enn du er i verden Det er deilig slve i skyggen Hold deg vken, n skjerpes greiene Store hvding skvise litt hardere Mas, mas, mas over hele linja Mandag hele ret, det er ingenting le av Men"
  • Mr. Pine - Renaissance
    "Oh, Mr. Pine doesn't wait till after nine There's not a friend he's had to buy Keeps his head above the sky Ain't got much, and he don't ask why Oh, Mr. Pine spends his summers drinking wine Has a friend"
  • Evig Pine - Vreid
    "Hyr dei skrike Hyr dei grine Dei som alder fr fred Dmde te evig pine Eit liv i liding Alder nokon ende Inga forlysing Dmd te evig smerte Svikarar finnast i alle lag Syndarar t alle slag Bak ei maska av"
  • Mister Pine - Eisley
    "An icicle feast for my watery eyes; Lacing, swirling, and floating. an ice castle for us to live in, come on, we're holding hands under our palace of snow Soft hush breath it goes in and out, in and out. frost"
  • Pine Leaves - The Fall
    "(They gave their lives during the occupation Arranged at the end of Japan It was not a concentration camp Annihilation A million dead here Annihilation) And still we believe As ghost presence"
  • Pine leaves - Fall
    "(They gave their lives during the occupationArranged at the end of JapanIt was not a concentration campAnnihilationA million dead hereAnnihilation)And still we believeAs ghost presenceHow does it show"
  • 9th At Pine - Less Than Jake
    "When it all came down, on that saturday night, should I choose a side, at 9th at Pine. Can we still say we're civilized, watched some kid down at 9th at Pine... which will it be? Sympathy or apathy, which"
  • Pine And Stew - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang) Let's settle down The world won't stop spinnin' round We'll get out of this mess- Wait and see. Wait and see is that what you'll do? You think I'm mental in anguish over you? Does the fact"
  • Pine Tree State - Sparks The Rescue
    "Goodbye darling, I'll turn off the lights on my way out I just hoped it meant more, yeah that you missed to kiss this mouth I'm always speeding up and slowing down I've got vertigo, put me underground I"
  • Pine Island Bayou - Gourds
    "My poor uncle jimmy turk He got his house full of water and dirt In that flood of '94 pine island bayou Came thru his door In that flood of '94 That devil rain began t'poor It swelled the banks"
  • Tall Pine Trees - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "Before I leave let me tell you why I'm going And try to speak in such a way that you won't be afraid of listening Too many words been spoke without no understanding And I'd hate to add another wound to"
  • Hunger Of The Pine - Alt-J
    "Sleeplessly embracing Butterflies and needles Line my seamed-up join Encased in case I need it In my stomach, for my heart Chain mail Hunger of the pine Hunger of the pine Sleeplessly embracing Yawn"
  • Song Among The Pine - Gravenhurst
    "Song Among the Pine cones and needles lie atop the dark soil they will come for me with searchlights streaming through the cedar trees cold ash smother the fire cold ash smother the fire the ripple of"
  • Meeting in lone pine - Mark Olson
    "There's a meeting in Lone Pine today and no one knows See the wind along the highway how it goes And some days the trucks roll over There's a bistash orchard hidden in the Yucca mountains See the heartbreak"
  • Pine Cones And Holly Berries - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Pine Cones And Holly Berries ============================== Pine Cones And Holly Berries ============================== Pine cones and Holly Berries Popcorn for you, apples for me Red"
  • Pine Cone Poems Pt. 2 - Canibus
    "The "C" of Tranquility, Canibus spit for infinity, I revolve with the Earth lyrically, uh Yea ya'll wassup, The Ripper right here Can-I-Bus Yo, yo I rest alone in a cold cabin composed of stone from"
  • Pine Tree (sang Rok Soo) - Kangta
    "ggeut nae mal ha ji mot haet suh dol ah suh neun ma ji mak soon gan ggah ji al ah dol ee kil soo ga up dun gul ha ji man swi oon il ee ah nin gul nul ji oo neun il ah jik mo deun gut shi nuh moo na geu"
  • Mister Pine (Live At The Troubadour) - Eisley
    "An icicle feast for my watery eyes; lacing, swirling and floating. An ice castle for us to live in, come on, we're holding hands under our palace of snow. Soft hushed breath it goes in and out, in and"
  • Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine - Wyrd
    "Life fades away like the days Autumnal rains sweep the plains Once at one's journey's end So short seem our days The eternal arrow of life Points to one direction only No matter how you try The wheel keeps"

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