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ofFICIAL vandal szlajana

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ofFICIAL vandal szlajana

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ofFICIAL vandal szlajana
  • Official Vandal Szlajana (prod. NWS)
    "Po chwilowej przerwie znowu powracam Czarne farmazony Official Vandal Melanż, praca i powrót na .. Żeby zaspokoić kaca po adrenalinie Przyjabac sobie tam i tu po kozackim chrominie Kolor na starej linie Przy"
  • Saves The Day You Vandal
    "Last night I dreamt you called from Costa Rica The place you've been for the last two weeks You said, "I miss you, oh sweet boy, and will you come on down?" I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of"
  • Official Vandal Dla mnie to (feat. Merd, Rufuz)
    "Dla mnie to jest to To jest lekiem na zło To rap I graffiti Serce bije pod bity Jestem szczęśliwy Jestem spełniony Official Vandal Przejmuje mikrofony to jest to To jest lekiem na zło To rap I graffiti Serce"
  • Mafia K'1 Fry Official
    "REFRAIN (Lara) Mafia K'1 Fry official, official, official Mafia K'1 Fry official, official, official Un instinct de survie J'ai forc le destin Pas besoin Envie d'exister, envie d'exister Ton destin MC"
  • Pharoahe Monch Official
    "Pharoahe's Official like Starter, hit harder than Fort Green Authentic, Nike, Adidas and Spalding ?Permitted? behind the back like makin em all fiend From my intricate ways to shake ya whole team Official,"
  • Official Vandal Zajechane twarze
    "Wiła ziemia zew Ja szerzej otwieram ślepia Na ulicy bez zmian, kierwa Widzę tagi I widzę zatęcha twarze Czas je goni Los karze Się zazębia epidemia zarabiania Co? Nikt ci kurwa nie zabrania na stojąco"
  • Bram Vermeulen De Official
    "En als je hem een vraag stelt Heeft-ie na jaren training Geen mening De official En krijg je dan een antwoord Staat er in het communique Nee Van de official En als je iets wilt weten Is de kwestie in"
  • Cassie Official girl
    "Danja and the ClutchI miss you girl I miss you girl I'm'a make you my official girl Listen, today makes it a year Don't you think it's time that you made it clear You gotta get on your bizTell me what"
  • Dub Pistols Official Chemical
    "the moves strike in two stripes its movin' like turnpikes nothin' happens like the master assassin we bring it with too much passion first chapter first page book of life i got ya'll s*** to write lookin'"
  • Lexicon The Official
    "(Nick Fury) I got the crowd gathered round like it's fight, night Minor leaguers stay at home with your night, light Because I'm quite, tight They seen that Fury knows how to rock the mic, right And get"
  • Marilyn Manson Mobscene (Official)
    "Ladies and Gentlemen We are the things of shapes to come Your freedoms not free and dumn This depression is great The deformation age They'll know my name Waltz into scum and base a marriage to the pain Bang"
  • Suziquatro Official Suburban Superman
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) Give me the man who ain't like no other man Gives lovin' freely Official Suburbian Superman No dirty laundry lyin' over the chair No moody Judy Vacuum cleaner salesman of the year Acts"
  • Suzi Quatro Official suburban superman
    "Give me the man who ain't like no other manGives lovin' freelyOfficial Suburbian SupermanNo dirty laundry lyin' over the chairNo moody JudyVacuum cleaner salesman of the yearActs like Mr. Snow White with"
  • Alexis And Fido Subete ((Official Remix))
    "[**feat. Don Omar] Claro, quiero que me hables claro No me estes fronteando, dalo! (let' me know don!) Que yo soy tú nene malo (this is the remix) Dale transformate (don omar!) Bien asesina (pow!)"
  • Bomb The Music Industry! It's Official! We're Borrrrring!
    "It's official. We're mad. We're all mad at someone and our anger takes over And we stop having fun And we talk but don't act And then nothing will change. We're so hellbent on destruction we forgot how"
  • Calle 13 Tocarte Toa (Official Remix)
    "Bailando asi, tu no sabes como me provocas, me acerco a ti, con ganas de besarte la boca, bailando asi, tu no sabes lo que yo quisiera yo se que tu eres toda una fiera y que quieres candela (y yo..) Coro: Voy"
  • Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz La Tortura (Official Version)
    "Alejandro Sanz: Ay payita ma Gurdate la poesa Gurdate la alegra pa'ti Shakira: No pido que todos los das sean de sol No pido que todos los viernes sean de fiesta Tampoco te pido que vuelvas rogando perdón Si"
  • Alexa Vega Game Over (Official Lyrics)
    "The time has come Once and for all You met your match You will fall This little game we play is gonna break us down Only one of us can wear the crown It's not as easy as you thought it'd be When it's down"
  • Marilyn Manson Mobscene The Official Song
    ""mOBSCENE" "ladies and gentlemen" we are the things of shape to come your freedoms not free and dumb this depression is great the deformation age, they know my name waltzing to scum and base and married"
  • UEFA chorus Champions League Official Anthem
    "Ceux sont les meilleurs equipes, Es sind die aller besten Mannschaften, the main event. Die Meister, die Besten, les meilleurs equipes, the champions. Les grandes et les meilleurs! Eine grosse stattliche"

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