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  • Steel - Blaze Bayley
    "Beneath your calm, Behind your smile, You hide away your lies, Intimidating, Manipulating, The truth is in your eyes. My days and nights get longer, Winding on and on. Love lost hours make us hard. You"
  • Steel - Charlotte Martin
    "The lost and insincere They think I need to hear what's in their empty eyes, eyes, eyes We're few and far between We've hardly been serene But stand up to their lies, lies, lies We are steel We don't"
  • Steel - Bob Catley
    "Sometimes these tired old streets can feel strange I watch the tumbleweed now, where I used to play What I felt way back then was called 'change' Just like a thundercloud from the horizon it came And"
  • PRL ( Peja Rap i Ludzie) - Peja
    "Peja na początku lat osiemdziesiątych Peja Rap i Ludzie, Przeżyli w nich wszyscy ludzie Peja na początku lat osiemdziesiątych Peja Rap i Ludzie, Peja, peja rap i ludzie Peja Rap i Ludzie Przeżyli w nim"
  • Sacred Steel - Sacred Steel
    "Born into metal born into steel deep in the heart of darkness metal is revealed out of the blackness to rule and to kill those weak and false shall perish taste the sacred steel See the light feel the"
  • Steel Meets Steel - Hammerfall
    "(Zuruck) Back in 1095, when the call to arms came we had the red cross sown on Sent to save the holy land and crush the infidels with strength from above STEEL MEETS STEEL On towards victory we"
  • Steel Meets Steel - Onslaught
    "Battle follows battle To the death to take the hill Blackened leather warriors The chill as steel meets steel One survives by cunning The other lives by might The death defying warlords By the firelight"
  • Steel Against Steel - Cryonic Temple
    "The night begins with an awful sound the screams of pain in the night You are the one the only one to make up this fight Standing there in the rain Fighting, you are alone You try to grab your sword"
  • Lego (feat. Peja) - Young Igi
    "podchodzi do mnie typ mówi że nie lubią na ośce co mnie obchodzi to te nie lubiłem typów na oscie jeśli zarobię w ten miesiąc, to moja ekipa poczuje się dobrze mogłem kupić cały krzak tak, tak było by"
    "Daleka droga do ‘na legalu’ niejedne się zaraz obsra nasza rola to siać postrach rada prosta jest nie masz jaj jak klocka weź takie zdanie każdy z nas ma a ściana miedzy nami i każdy się wspina na szczyt ambaras"
  • Podziały (ft. Peja) - YOUNG MULTI
    "Utwór znajdzie się na drugim albumie YOUNG MULTIEGO "️Trapstar"."
  • Thanos (feat. Peja) - KaeN
    "co to co to ma byćco to dzieje sie z tymrap niech wraca na street przecież tam był każdy liczy na zysk i kalkuluje to dziś śmiechem zalewa ich, mój niewyparzony pysk legenda leci na dno jej nie ma przebicia"
  • Agents Of Steel - Agent Steel
    "Back in the days we first sighted Their shields gleaming bright in the sky The light that was brighter than fire Forced cowards to run out of spite Masters of metal, agents of steel Masters of metal,"
  • Reborn In Steel - Sacred Steel
    "Steel forged in fire baptized in blood the flame soaring higher given birth the metal god Doom falls silent death draws near bring on vengeance pain and fear assault of metal death is real kneel and praise"
  • Sacred Bloody Steel - Sacred Steel
    "Hellbent my course I'll never care avout your cries So strong my force This passion never ever dies Some say I'm false Some say I'm true as hell can be When my fate calls Upright I'll meet my destiny I"
  • Bethlehem Steel - Grant Lee Buffalo
    "There was a light blue as a welder's torch It used to shine over the fields And all the wise men strong men were drawn for miles Followed a star to Bethlehem Steel Our mother's father worked here in World"
  • Shipping Steel - Cold Chisel
    "Hammer down the open road Steel pigs my only load Country songs are always playin' He's a goin', she's a staying Briquets keep the fires burning Diesel keeps the wheels turning Hikers on the edge of town Start"
  • Steel & Glass - Candlebox
    "By john lennon There you stand With your l.a. tan And your new york walk And your new york talk Your mother left you when you were small But you're gonna wish You wasn't born at all Steel and glass Steel"
  • Bethlehem Steel - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
    "Well I'm making big money a workin' at Bethlehem Steel And I drive a big car and I look like a pretty big wheel But I'd rather be home now a plowin' a Tennessee field Instead of making big money a workin'"
  • Steel River - Ratt
    "Ain't gonna hesitate The way we'd like to see you are and feel the way Hear that song and sing all day and make it pay The people want to jump and say make our way You sounded like you came from mars Times"

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