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surreal');' ORDER BY 3--

  • Cafe Surreal - Danny
    "Yo, D. Swain is back on the block He went from laughingstock To rappin' in happening spots And nappin' on yachts Don't get your head wrap in a knot You gotta unwind Gotta remind yourself that stress is"
  • Order - D.O.A.
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Order - Pipedown
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • So Real/Surreal - Span
    "Between myself and me I'm the empty space between I have lost myself and someone else is me instead I'm not sure how many but last week I counted twenty one by one they're trying to seize control and"
  • Surreal - John O'Callaghan
    "(Feat. Jaren) Take your place in time This is where you want to be Dont look beyond todays horizons Free your mind completely Let it in and let it out Dont think about what may be Breathe it in and breathe"
  • Surreal - Erasure
    "On your own, when it all goes wrong Like you're in gaol Torn in two, threw the blame at you Nightmare prevails There is no guarantee One crazy heart like me Should I go curl up and die? Surreal"
  • Surreal - Gainsae
    "I know nothing about How you feel, how you are, how you act And everything between you and me It seems so, it seems so unreal so Can I ask you a little about everything It's something so surreal"
  • Surreal - Sister Hazel
    "With my head above the water I can breathe to stay alive But I'll try a little harder If you want me to survive Won't somebody tell me? How I got to this stage? When consequence is inconsequential And Staring"
  • Surreal - Kill Hannah
    "if you dream like i dream right now don't wake up, no don't wake up again it gets more surreal so if you seem to be dreaming now don't wake up, no don't wake up it gets more surreal that this because you"
  • Surreal - Vanishing Point
    "Am I in a dream? This looks a perfect scene My will remains but I am falling Tell me where I am Will I understand? The mystery that is surrounding Uncertainty remains, views left unchanged A pure heart"
  • Surreal - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Suki na mono dake wo erandeku no ga musekinin da tte wake janai suki na mono sae mo mitsukerarezu ni sekinin nante toriyou mo nai seou kakugo no bun dake kanousei wo te ni shiteru iranai mono nara sono"
  • Surreal - Innocence Mission
    "Don't fire your gun at the pressureIt's only surrealDon't heed the crowd noise and laughterThey're only surrealThis is a testFor discovering who really needs youThe answers will come soon enoughYou hold"
  • Barbaric Order - Sinister
    "Dark outer garment Shapeless mark god-fearing man Hail sincere cruel tyrant Thy servant anticipates pain The reason why things come together Acts Performed in elaborate way Quit sedate pronounced sentence Sober"
  • Zero order - Reactor
    "Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Chrome tunnels of redemption A time gap propelling"
  • Law & Order - Futuristic Sex Robotz
    "In the entertainment industry's war on its customers, the CEOs of media conglomerates are represented by two separate yet equally-important groups. The Motion Picture Association of America (the MPAA),"
  • Love Order - Embrace
    "Remember me when the circus comes to town and you're welcomed in, but can't get out and no one hears you shout remember me remember me cause i'm drying, lost at sea for a day that won't be happening"
  • 3 - Bas Tajpan
    "Gdybym był magiem i mógł spełnić Twoje 3 życzeniaTo jaka była by Twa prośba? (powiedz mi)Prawda, że piękna ta pokusa?Pamiętaj, że, że pokusa ta też groźnaUsłyszałbym bogactwo i długie życiePiękną kobietę"
  • 3 - Grammatik
    "yeah(Eldo)Jestem wolny dzięki temu pisze teksty na kartce,obdarzony szczęściem bo ktoś zapalił latarnie,to siedzi w nas jak drugie ja jak szósty zmysł,delikatne jak puch i pył relacje,między tymi którzy"
  • 3 - Mielzky / patr00
    "Nie umiem milczeć, gdy każdy rzuca głazem w nas, Jedynie po to by oddalić od marzeń ”Pamiętaj, nie kłam na mikrofonie nigdy” Tak uczyli mnie starsi kumple na polu bitwy Dorośliśmy trzymając się reguł,"
  • New world order - The Kovenant
    "Stand aside for the new world order Systematic...Aristocratic Don't decieve yourself get out of the way We command and you obey Beautiful to be the joker Cursed by an all-to human future Things you cannot"

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