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the million d

  • Million - Moist
    "Borrowed in black you are mine Dont make it easy don't make it hard Dont make it so simple again So so easy Bound like a child yo uare mine I cant defend you I wont complain I wont go so so quiet again Go"
  • Million - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I know you're wanting things to change Why can you see that they're just the same We could be so strong if we tried Why can't you just see the other side There must be a million ways to try Why"
  • Million - Jawbreaker
    "Would that you could touch this angel in a clutch of snakes. Oh pretty, pretty, I'm aflame. So excited, so unslept. Somewhat littered, so unswept. You have to sleep before you wake. I am spilled and poured."
  • Million - Paul Kantner
    "Hear the sound of a million people Millions of children in motion All of us waiting for the rain To wash away the dust from our bodies Can you dance, can you remember How to dance and get along with all"
  • A million - freestyle - Kanye West
    "It's your boy Kanye Cheddar and I'm 'bout to sell (a million) How much he charge for a track? About (a million) How many niggas bit the soul? 'Bout (a million) How many girls did I bone? About (a million)"
  • 8 Million Stories - Kurtis Blow
    "(feat. Run-D.M.C.) There are 8 million stories in the naked city 8 million stories There are 8 million stories in the naked city Some ice cold and told without pity About the mean streets and"
  • D-light - Golden Earring
    "I'm in bed and she's bending over in a beam of d-lightYou all know the sightThings I can't seem to forget, gettin' drunk and wetIn a pool of delightShe slips between the sheets and meI can't resist, I"
  • D - Jacks Of All Trades
    "Me against the world is the way I'm gonna live Many lies I've heard they got nothing to give They told me to close my eyes and look at all the stars Well all I see is darkness cos the light's too far They've"
  • D - Current 93
    "take the torch to daddy's house take the flame to daddy's house take the fires to daddy's house take the torch to daddy's house blood of my blood, dust to my dust blood to my blood, dust to my dust blood"
  • D - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "WHERE ARE THE THIEVES? they've seen them around here they've seen them on the rooves giving back in Paris convicting in the courts with the powdered nose in a tie or in blue jeans they've seen them"
  • D - Killah Priest
    "Certain... Twilight zone Stared at me with his cold eyes, who was this old guy? Drug him in the building, as police drive by Took out my four-five, cocked it, put it to his forehead Dugout his pockets,"
  • D - Tear Garden
    "It was a cold November evening and I should have worn a coat. I shivered... waiting for the ferry boat to carry me to you...Could see you dancing in the harbour lights; your hair an orange flame. You'd"
  • D - Clouds
    "A shooting star fell in my garden In a storm of bright light the next Morning when I looked all I could See was outer space through the earth I'm up ready though I jump and jump Starting for the sky it"
  • D - Hadise
    "Baby youre perfect for me you are my gift from heaven this is the greatest story of all times we met in like in a movie so meant to last forever and what youre doing to me feels so fine angel I wake up and"
  • D - Hadise A
    "Baby, you're perfect for me You are my gift from heaven This is the greatest story Of all times We met like in a movie So meant to last forever And what you're doing to me Feels so fine Angel, I wake up And"
  • D - Emilie Simon
    "Oh mon amour, mon me-sur Je compte les jours, je compte les heures Je voudrais te dessiner dans un dsert Le dsert de mon cur Oh mon amour, ton grain de voix Fait mon bonheur chaque pas Laisse-moi te"
  • D - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "(feat. Gustavo Cerati) Ya no se si es muy tarde para ti Quiero desafiar la comodidad No nos sirve mas fingir Yo no se cuan efmero es tu error Ya te perdon Adelante las agujas del reloj La lgria"
  • D - Off By One
    "Well I've been here before Breaking down the door To everything I knew Breath a count to 10 I know exactly when and What you're gonna do Well I thought that I could see, Into the future foolish me If"
  • D - Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz
    "Te conoc un da de enero, con la luna en mi nariz Y como v que eras sincero En tus ojos me perd Que torpe distracción Y que dulce sensación Y ahora que andamos por el mundo Como Eneas y Benitin"
  • D - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "If I had ever been here before I would probably know just what todo Don't you? If I had ever been here before on another time around the wheel I would probably know just how to deal With all of you. And"

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