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what do you face

  • Do What You Do - Cute Is What We Aim For
    "No one is telling me the speed I should be traveling So watch me take the lead There is an engine in my body With every beat it lets me breathe There is a machine within my body If I can keep up with"
  • Face - Watashi Wa
    "i drove around this town it looks the same as 1998 when everyday we drove around this town trying to find our way how did the lights start setting on my dear new york, new york i'll make this loud so"
  • Face - Chief Keef
    "Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Ay nigga, bang nigga, gang nigga Bang bang, bang I went and grabbed the K Just to spray it, told a nigga andale I went and got the cake Just throw it in this bitch face I went and"
  • Face - Riverside - Volte
    "I have spent all my previous life Waiting for something else to start Now I see that I have felt so numb To everything that passed me by Need to go land on my own two feet Need to change my life this"
  • Face - Watashi-Wa
    "I drove around this town It looks the same as 1998 When everyday we drove around this town Trying to find our way How did the lights start setting on my dear New York, New York I'll make this loud so"
  • Face To Face - Ophelie Winter
    "Do you wanna get a little something Baby now what's on your mind I wanna know now yeah Everybody in the house is jumping And I can't spend all my time, with you Nobody can do the things you do And I'm"
  • Face To Face - Gary Numan
    "What's it like to be face to face with me? Playing tricks with hearts quite as young as yours Do you know what the reunion pays for you? Do you feel like I'm supposed to do? I could be love I could be"
  • Face To Face - Gary Barlow & Elton John
    "It’s a true sign of a soldier Taking care of the hearts around us And the whole world loves a hero A leader and a shoulder to cry on That’s what you are to me Everyone around can see yeah When we’re"
  • What do you do - Papa Roach
    "I got a one-way ticket on a hell-bound train With nothing to lose and nothing to gain Nobody ever taught me how to live I'm feeling like I'm lost - Like I'll never be found I'm twisted and I'm turned around"
  • Face To Face - Split Shift
    "Everyday I see your face Again, memories date back to what you said I feel so betrayed One day we'll be face to face The words you say I realize My emotions become petrified The game you play I cannot"
  • Do what you do - Bad Boys Blue
    "You do what you do to me.I need to feel. So be prepared.I want to touch. Wanna taste of your sugar skin.So open up and let me in.Dont you know that Im here to tease you.Lets do it right now.You do what"
  • Face - Wilshire
    "They say I'm the life of the party I've got all the lines I can make them laugh till they cry I'm like a jester in a court A funny man of sorts I can put on a good show Chorus: Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea Do"
  • Face - Staple
    "You're so perfect at running my life. I'm sure you're perfect at yours too. Do you think that I lived my life right the times that I thought I could trust you? I thought you were a friend of mine. Friends"
  • Face - Strife
    "Imperfection seems to have gotten the best of me. I beat myself down in this frustration. In unreal aspiration- never allowing progression to begin- sights set so far ahead. Missing the start I fall once"
  • Face - Dizzee Rascal
    "Yo, Let's Talk About Over-Excited Brehs On The Road, Who Brake All Street Honourary Codes, Can't Get A Real Name For Themselves, Living Off Reflected Glory, Living Off Face Said He Knows Slimzee ,Maxwell,"
  • Face - Damien Rice
    "How I know Go bow end send mend bend pretend Shut your face again Bleed seed need read breath on my knees How I choose to breath Lie cry learn grow slow fall stall How I build my wall Hate wait bait kiss"
  • Face - NRG
    "I will throw all my hypocrisy away I promise myself this and I stop right here But I lose my courage by all the stares of the people In sadness, in happiness I cry and laugh This is me but people are laughing"
  • Face - Sevendust
    "Come along with me on an acid trip I take your mind to a terminal bliss You're bound and gagged Ah ha ha ha Motherfuckers I laugh This chick that stayed with me last night I despise all the reasons she"
  • Shut You Face - Underscore
    "Believe me when i say it hurts, for me to give up all my hope, and turn my back on you. You had a change of heart. (you have no heart) what was i thinking to tell you that? what was i thinking when we"
  • Face Up Face Down - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "Welcome all my honored guests To the utimate duel of the best of the best At my invitation you come to compete For the honor of suffering the final defeat Isn't it grand what I've managed to do By kidnapping"

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