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Token: Dentures


Ayy, braggin' like you independent, you just in the worst place
No one's trying to sign you in the first place, pure praise
'Cause they know I'm one of one, son of a gun
The clip is my birthplace, it's a different workplace, worst taste
You terrible, wordplay, I'm worth, I'm worth the wait
Like [?], verse shake the stereo, yours ain't comparable
We're paid to carry a hearse, grave then burial, worst case scenario, bird brain
I'm married to the bread, I braid a bitch's hair when I get head
Baby I'm rich and my OG he's a crip
You know what that mean?
We ain't never in the red
Fuck it, got a million dollar deal I had the leverage in a sense
And I'm still as independent as it gets, legend in the flesh
I'm impressed and the legends are impressed
Already got to Cole and Kendrick call me, "Welcome to the mix"
Got an Angel on my right and got Devil on my left
Got a girl with cellulite, ass thicker than the rest
Lines all over her body and she look just like a ref
But she ain't blowin' a whistle, I don't gotta go in depth
I don't gotta, I probably got me a problem but we blessed
Holla holla if it's drama then it's drama
Baby said I'm too laid back, what's the problem?
Ain't a problem, told her every comma I get calmer
Comma, comma, comma like a sentence long
A lot of y'all are bettin' on
Guap, guap very long
If my money could talk say yadda yadda yadda et cetera
Jump the curb and then I'm gone, button turn the engine on
Young and worth the money, word to Zuckerberg
I spend it on undercover shirts like I'm 'bout to work the Pentagon
Then I'm gone, back it off, bread long, Italian
Bitch so bad Elton John taking glasses off
Back it off, laugh it off, ha-ha-ha-ha
Now I'm gettin' jewish bread my grandma call it Challah
Bitches wanna climb my money tree like they koala
Fuck her then I disappear and then I text her "Ta-da"
Token got the flow to curve a weapon like katana
So my self esteem is steaming it could probably fill a sauna
Tryna put a dolla' on top of dolla', my politicin is awesome
I probably love Benjamin Franklin more than his wife and mamma
The highest star I got 'em trippin' of me like ayahuasca
I'm the product so I got 'em gathered around the fire like they tryna be loved, "The Way You Lie", Rihanna
Only thing I don't find myself inside of is baby mamma drama
He drive vagina, divide and conquer oh did someone say something?
I might even go pop just to say "Fuck 'em" (Yeah)
Used to think that I was a loser and now I ain't lose nothin'
Now that I'm winnin' I think I'm much less confused from it
Lookin' like I hit the bounty, lucrative and little rowdy, do not bring your bitch around me, homie
Newest kid up in a county, view to river with the balcony, you would think I lived in Maui
Used to talk about the things I wanted and then y'all allowed it
Now that I got the shit they don't want kid to talk about it
Never Too Different that's the label and I'm the boss around it
People got tattoo of it before I even talked about it
That's some legendary shit, ho (Right)
And I ain't even half my potential
And don't compare me to them dudes on the trend list
They don't love rap, they just love to get attention
Pass the videos around like a town horse and do some witty gimmick but how long are you around for?
I don't play no fuckin' character it's just Toke
Ten years from now let's see who evolved most
Hop in the motherfucking ghost
Top of the motherfucking morning
Cop in the motherfucking neighborhood do more killing than warning
Pop, everyone hit the corner, they don't wanna see me out of bounds
I got homies smarter than me but I got a voice that counts
Tell Jay to check it out, tell Wayne to check first
Tell Google to check again and update my net worth
'Bout to have all of them youngins salutin' me head first
And my name all in the old heads mouth like dentures
Never Too Different (Yeah!)

(Nox Beatz made it)
Autor tekstu: Token
Data dodania: 2023-11-28
Tekst dodał: AndyG
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Token: Dentures

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Token: Dentures

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Token: Dentures

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