Velvet Chain: Fall Away

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Velvet Chain

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Velvet Chain: Fall Away

J. stacy / a. calamusa

You've come around to see me lately, more often than you do... is the same thing eating you...

You've been so down and dusty maybe, you can finally see the truth... it was never right for you - there's no more you can do...

So I say... I say, fall away... from your love... I say... fall away...

You could really use a good time, I could call a friend or two... we could make you laugh again - can you remember when...

I said... fall away... from your love... I said... fall away... from your love...

I've been waiting such a long time to see you smile like you do... only melancholy blue... you could better spend your lifetime in a bright and easy mood... you can leave it all behind you... to
W's days will unwind you... tomorrow's days will unwind you...

Fall away... from your love.
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Velvet Chain: Fall Away

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Velvet Chain: Fall Away

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Velvet Chain: Fall Away

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