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Vio-Lence: Eternal Nightmare

Reality slipping and your mind is caving in
Submitting to the web that you constantly spin
It's over the edge with the straightjacket on
It's dragging you down to the world you belong

The hell in your mind that you will always see
A nightmare of terror, planted eternally
Dead space in your head, there can be no escape
Reality you see, an image, just a fake

Insomnia drives, drives you out of your head
Don't lose consciousness while lying in bed
Looking in from the outside and tightening your grip
Death sickening laughter that's beginning to rip

Your eyelids fall and they take you again
Eternal nightmare and your horror begins
Your head is filled with nothing but fear
It has you locked down, comatoses is here

I've drank the blood - THAT DEAD SOULS HAVE CRIED
I cursed the devil - THEN WATCHED HIM DIE
Well I'm your master - NOW DON'T YOU SEE

I've drank the blood - THAT DEAD SOULS HAVE CRIED
I cursed the devil - THEN WATCHED HIM DIE
Well I'm your master - NOW DON'T YOU SEE

Now to you I come a calling
Reaching for your mind I'm drawing
Thoughts of freedom, see them crawling
Eternal nightmare, I'm clawing

So next time that you fall asleep
And let your thought start running deep
Remember you're the ones I choose
Eternal nightmare, I never lose

You come a calling
My laughter's mauling
Eternally I rule your mind
Your thoughts constricting
Your mind is sickening
And they're the ones
I loved to feed on the most of all
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Vio-Lence: Eternal Nightmare

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Vio-Lence: Eternal Nightmare
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Vio-Lence: Eternal Nightmare

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