Warcloud: Emcee Escape Evasion

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Warcloud: Emcee Escape Evasion

Artist: Holocaust
Album: n/a
Song: Emcee Escape Evasion
Typed by: Knowledge God, Ason

Causing massive damage and loss of life, my lyrics strike and excite
A twelve year old boy sees a ghost in an orphanage during the Spanish Civil War late night
The world is long and fascinated by the Holocaust the Great
On April 3rd, 1974 more than a hundred twisters hit thirteen states
Prepare to sleep, a US battleship filled with ghosts
In twenty eight different places
Search for the gold mine in Superstition Mountains of Arizona
By Indians with war painted faces
Plagued by mysterious occurrences
Divide MCs, the mad one said
You're lured to a lost planet thus committing him to the ranks of the un-dead
One sip of a 'Sinister' potion may turn you into a zombie
Haunted tombs, they kill the Devil, I read a book about Ghandi
Mercenaries have been involved in many different conflicts
Killer microbes might crawl out the jungle, don't be astonished
A man missing half his brain, retaliate, wants to
A hundred and thirty three sailors perish, their ghosts come back to haunt you

(Chorus x2: Holocaust)
I must elude, escape, evade, get free
My poetry carries out its brutal revenge for centuries
The tombstone reads: "The Wondering Man", the man wanders by
'The Midnight Sun', the Earth begins moving closer to the Sun, you all die

Dragons. a civilization of flying creatures distaste the crowd, darkness
You travel ahead seventy two years and find the King of Rap's still heartless
In the all the lands, nothing but graves found
My destroyer is engaged in a fight with battleships
The sun is deep, rising, I shatter the glass soldier
MCs find that which doesn't kill them will keep trying
He'll take it to his grave or the saloon
Your army is conditioned in subtraction
A key member of your crew is easily killed in action
Investigate murders linked to a bat-like creature
Your army from the microchips go to sleep
They are shovelled beneath, a man dies of injuries sustained in his poetry
You're a murderer who we convicted, who supposedly died in prison
And you return for revenge without being brutally
dissected by surgeons as we listen
What is this treachery? Ghostly photos, an education
Young soldiers dark, train in combat before they face the carnage of the invasion


The soldier leads condemned prisoners into the past
After a rest and the mine is searched, prepare to fight again
As an Unidentified Flying Object crashed
You begin to think your life is in danger
At night residents of a small southern town band together
To fight bloodthirsty zombies with guns and anger
Battlefield medicine, your alliance begin to fracture
Astronaut reports, your radio tricks the alarm that leads to your capture
The benefits and dangers of living in the mountains
I fall upon your crew like the vengeance of God, as the earth fountains
An agent shot while shooting a bank robber takes on the criminals traits
After the thief dies, a hazardous shipment of ninja spies
You are seeing light streaking across the sky
Towards a plane, witnesses to an explosion up high
A giant killer reptile in the city sewers, we secretly re-arm
Your company is dropped into a pit
And meets superior forces and die like big losers
A range of strange artifacts are uncovered on an ancient burial ground
Fans investigate the arson related deaths of volunteer assassins in a dark town
Whose bodies have not been found
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Warcloud: Emcee Escape Evasion

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Warcloud: Emcee Escape Evasion

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Warcloud: Emcee Escape Evasion

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