Dealership: For Sale

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Dealership: For Sale

ust bite your lip and try to contain
the feel of nervous jitters
Out-of-focus cue cards offering a brighter day

Set your sights on fortune and fame
and anything that glitters
Lining up behind the others that will do the same

(I'm so dumb I...)
Thought that you were on my side
(but I'm so dumb...)
Believing that your hands were tied

I know.
You're joking.
And I know your words mean nothing.
And you know I'm cold.
And then you know just what to say to me...

I'll tailor-fit the form to your name
and water down your meaning
Silent words and thoughts and
Kitsch and clutter in the way

We're boosted up by hype and acclaim
Based in understatement
Poker-face is on, a new one wants to play the game

(I've said this before...)
"I'm so dumb I...
thought that you were on my side
but I'm so dumb...
believing that your hands were tied"


"So slowed down by sound, d'accord, and you were there..."

I let you read me all your lines
I learned to laugh and when to cry
And just when I was getting good
You told me I misunderstood
It hurts me when you say you like me
It hurts me more to love you back

That's when the paper turned us out
That's when the violence tinged our lyrics
That's when the figures called the shots
AND that's why the skin tone is olive and lighter in here...
That's all assuming these mics are on
How all of the money becomes the song...?
Why don't you call my attorney, she's a bitch
Discredits the yearning to...

...scratch the itch.

You think it seems so fun
to crawl on hands and knees
and sell your soul
to play the game
but when you make the cut
and have to cough it up
the reasons change
and you're alone.

I'm dumb.
A sign, that's all I want.
Confused and blind,
Just to tell me to
go away...
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Dealership: For Sale

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Dealership: For Sale

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Dealership: For Sale

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