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Decapitated: Earth Scar

I scarify my brain with memories
the intensive taste of yesterday’s air
the breath of freedom
the breath of fate
distance between million names and places
the touch of native life
the culture’s spell
I’m a man born to settle but
with soul born to stray

the source of my being
the core of this path
I’m praising my army
stronger than death

the sacred art of waiting
humble votary
time leaks through the days
lost in dissolving dates
the hour of sacrum
the sacrum of stage
sweet mantra of life
the cure that revives!
I morph into the shaman
performing the rite
trance of the screaming faces
the voice of my tribe
mellifluous prayer that will never fade
here the common rhythm
pulsating in our veins

the source of my being
the core of this path
I’m praising my army
stronger than death

I’m digging my Earth scar
step after step
against everything I follow my fate
I’m digging my Earth scar
till I dig my grave
wherever I’ll fall
I’ll fall as a fulfilled man
Autor tekstu: Decapitated
Dodane przez: Lokman

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Decapitated: Earth Scar

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Decapitated: Earth Scar
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Decapitated: Earth Scar

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