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P. Diddy: The last song

(feat. Big Azz Ko, Mark Curry, Loon)[P. Diddy]1, 2, 1, 2 yeh y'all can hear memake the drumming sound yehlets ride yeh yehbe clear we here lights outeat here sleep here my houserhyme wasting time wastingfeds want me caged inhope they got patiencemore you win they want you to loseI don't floss no more I drop jewelsHope we might chill the heights realStill we got fire that will melt your ice grillKnow the deal once we hit recordHit the floorNew era this is warLord I'm the answer without a questionNo evidence no possessionStop stressingShit I got moves to makeStreets is dark but still I illuminate niggaI could see the wayTill I see the end to me and BIG meet again yeh[Mark Curry]Curry going hit againDreams your living inThis what you coulda beenEvery city foot scene gets scrilla with emkid shortchange the dealerthe game be gorillaain't nothing illaaka 800 toll free asideI rose to be a Bad Boy til' I dieThe official bonafide (fide)Tested and tried (tried)Get in like CansonWork from the insideWhen I ride eyes are wideAin't that I lick when I walkMy some pimping to my strideSome wit a emphis on my sideCause I understand niggas out to get ILiving the lifeIs no lieBeen a great thing to doNuttin I could think change the viewAlthought it might seem strange to youIts plain to meI'm here with youLets give them what they came to see[Big Azz Ko]Yow yow aiiyoWe exceptionalCongressionalIts best that you bester crewWit your flesh going bruiseBlood goin ooze andHowever you choose your ass goin loseThis ain't the bluesDon't things that cruiseGo bring the newsWit flows meaning cruelFrom few optionsTo cruise hoppingNow fools plotting cause I chart toppingFrom bounce checks to being in effect (fect)And it don't stop till they reinterbectRhyme calistheticsBad Boy anestheticsWill twist me like crippieAmanda ChevittsBack flips tacticsBe on measureHat tricks wit only dimes and betterNigga just for that cheddarO please I switch cheese to leather[Loon]Uh yeh uh yeh uhCheck it out yoY'all niggas say what y'all wanna sayFeel how y'all wanna feelWho give a fuck dog kill who you wanna killJust keep it real when it come to meCuz all my niggas in the slums kinda hungaryOn my right where my gun going beBitches ain't getting a crumb from meMember when niggas used to run from meAll of a sudden niggas names is buzzingNigga in the game got a little chain becuzHeard the nigga signed a major budgetBut I'm the nigga made you loveNow you wanna change the subjectI ain't sweating that animosityI'm deading thatInstead of rap imma smack you dead in your trapI don't give a fuck what I said on a trackNiggas know me better than thatNiggas I could neva be wackMy money way to ahead of you catsI'm going strait to the top where the cheddar be atWassup wit thatYeh bad boy niggaFuck y'all wanna do[P. Diddy]As y'all can see when have come to the end of our programVery important that I let y'all knowThat I truly appreciate and I'm thankfulFor all your supportFor everybody that's been down from day oneI love youWe love youP. Diddy and the Bad Boy FamilyWe outAiiyo BIG we miss youone
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P. Diddy: The last song

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P. Diddy: The last song
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P. Diddy: The last song

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