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R.E.M.: Electron Blue

You're on your ear, the ocean's near
The light has started to fade
Your high is timed, you found the climb
It's hard to focus on more than what's in front of you
Electron Blue
Adventure rings with a page and
When it dawns on you,
It singes blue
Your buzz beginning to wane.

Adventure has laid its claim on you
It's all you want to do.
You know where to run
You run Electron Blue.

And who am I?
I'm just a guy
I've got a story like everyone
But in your eyes
You looked surprised
And didn't know where to run
I looked to her
She's found the cure
Her future's already begun

Tomorrow's gaining speed on you
It's all you want to do
You know where to run
You run Electron Blue
You know where to run
You run electron blue

So bide your time
You'll feel the climb
Your high it builds like a lightning storm
It sings like pearls
You know that girl
And no one is any the wiser
So as if on cue.....
Electron Blue

Tomorrow's gaining speed on you
It's all you want to do
You know where to run
You run, Electron Blue
You know where to run
You run, Electron Blue
You know where to run
You run, Electron Blue
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R.E.M.: Electron Blue

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R.E.M.: Electron Blue
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R.E.M.: Electron Blue

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