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Spirit Caravan: No Hope Goat Farm

Out Chasin' Venus On That Cold And Lonely Day Spun Out From The Precinct On The Farm
Diversity Of Genius, Lord It Flickered Like A Flame
Thick Black Blood, The Grip Of Killin' Charm

You Better Hide Your Face
Because The Wings They'll Blind You
As You're Sucked Into This Whole
I Hope You Find Your Place
Look To What's Inside You
Can't Be Losin' No More Soul

Outrunnin' Danger On That Bleak And Barren Plain Climbing Up The Dreamway From Despair
The Spirits Passed Between Us
Were Nothing Less Than Strange
For A Little Bit I Really Think You Cared

I Better Hide My Face
Because These Wings Will Blind Me
As I'm Pulled Into This Whole
I Can't Lose This Race
Got The Sun Beside Me
Can't Be Losin' No More Soul
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Spirit Caravan: No Hope Goat Farm

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Spirit Caravan: No Hope Goat Farm
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Spirit Caravan: No Hope Goat Farm

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