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take care time

  • Take Care - Funker Vogt
    "Crowded cities polluted air every day is getting worse try to breathe the smoky steam it will affect your lungs burning oil-fields in Iraq a dark cloud darkens the sun but this happens so far away so"
  • Take Care - Small Brown Bike
    "he said just to let him go. no ropes attached. this is how he wants it. this is how we want it? im holding back my tears. my throat is dirt. the four of us. time to discuss. what will we do in thirty years."
  • Care - Pooh
    "Care for a woman that cares for you and she'll never go astray care for the woman who shares your life with kindness and warmth everyday care for your woman and open wide say all the things you're feeling"
  • Take Good Care - Sasha
    "You say you want me And that's a thrill It's like I'm bungee jumping While I'm standing still You wash me over Leave me out to dry But I still got suspicions Can you tell me why Keep tipping over myself"
  • Take Good Care - Unitopia
    "Sometimes when I wonder, you wonder what we are. This world of hate and war, you see it from afar. Why can't we live in peace? A dream we want to share. One man's journey, one man's happiness. Will we"
  • Take Care Of Me - Neil Diamond
    "The first time Caught you stayin' out late With some bad boys The first time And you got mad When I asked you to explain it. Say it isn't so, I need you to say it isn't so And I'll believe it Say it isn't"
  • Take Care Of Me - Chant
    "Chante Moore Exposed Take Care Of Me F/ da brat Looking for someone just like me Be careful (better watch it, watch it, watch it) When you're out there having fun Just remember i'm number one Take care"
  • Take Care Of Me - Chante Moore F/ Da Brat
    "Chante Moore F/ Da Brat Miscellaneous Take Care Of Me Be careful (Better watch it, watch it, watch it) When you're out there having fun Just remember I'm number one Take care of Take care of me Gotta"
  • Take Care Of Me - Iggy Pop
    "I've been working a long long time Now I'm caught in a wicked bind You offered love but I threw that out I couldn't hear you I was too busy shouting Like a laughing hyena run out of breath I shot my rocks"
  • Take Care Of Home - Dave Hollister
    "Gotta take of home Know what I'm saying Cause if you don't take care of home Somebody else will, ya feel me? Y'all know what I'm talking 'bout Check it If she thinks you don't say it enough Tell her you"
  • Take Care, Look Up - Brendan Canning
    "In the hole that we are filling up Well you know there's no worry being here And the thoughts that carry no remorse They're used for the beneficial I got it You got somewhere else to be And we're transfixed"
  • Take Care Of You - Shanice
    "Ummm oohhh ahh ohhh, (verse 1)Been workin all day long, Tryin 2 get your hustle on Society has put the pressure on you, To make it hard to for you to do what you do. Gotta let you know that your not alone (Hook)"
  • Take Care Of Me - Abra Moore
    "As fast as a river As deep as an ocean roar As big as a mountain Full of emotion I don't want to be strong anymore I just want to lay here on the floor Don't want to have to be brave all the time I just"
  • Take Care Of Yourself - Owen
    "Don't take what I say to bed with you and don't get used to that which I do, or you'll only feel used in the end. Don't weigh your heavy head with those words that I haven't said. Don't confuse that which"
  • Take Care Of U - Shanice Wilson
    "ooh oh ha oooh Been workin' all day long Tryin' ta get ur hustle on Society has put da pressure on you To make it hard for you to do what you do Gotta let u know dat you're not alone and baby dats why"
  • Take Care (feat. Rihanna) - Drake
    "Know you?ve been hurt by someone else I can tell by the way you carry yourself If you let me, here?s what I?ll do I?ll take care of you I?ve loved and I?ve lost I?ve asked about you and they told me things But"
  • Take Time - Chris Walker
    "Take time, show me, love me You know what I won't treat you good Take time, show me, love me You, the thought of you, brings happiness to me I can't deny it no more, you mean more than the world to me In"
  • Still take care of you - Marquess
    "I wanna go Home, but I don't know where it is 'cause the Day you told me that leave and you took your Love away. Said it's Time to face the Truth. Some new Identities. But I still love the Way that you"
  • Take Care - Imany
    "Take care of the one you love, Take care of the one you need, Take care of the one who needs you most, Take care of the one you love. (...) Take care of the one you love, Take care of the one you need, Take"
  • Take Care - Big Star
    "Take care not to hurt yourself Beware of the need for help You might need too much And people are such Take care, please, take care Some people read idea books And some people have pretty looks "

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