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Torch: Lord Knows

So many come and gone throughout the years
Lord only knows why I?m still here
Lord only knows why I?m still here
(I aks myself that every day)
Must be a reason

Haters callin, look
Mama say I?m blessed
Definition of survivor, dodge indictments to death
Wutchu know about starin down the barrel of a 9?
Seemed sweet
Protégé, guess it wasn?t my time
9 lives, must?ve used they
Why the enemy had that same look?
Why GC went back on the Ace? Why Chris ain?t duck? Damn
Rich up in the game,
Probably think I?m forgot
And really I was doing bad
Tryna aim for the moon, hopefully I?ll be a star
I was on TV, still sleepin in my car
If you muhfuckas only knew
Had to grind like my brakes bad
I deserve all this, dudes will pay their moves
I made that, kept a bundle in the hammer
Port of Miami, I was runnin from the cannons
I was really livin that life, whippin that white
Wasn?t ready for the lights,
Years later wish a nigga really was though

So many come and gone throughout the years
Lord only knows why I?m still here
(Every day I count my blessings yall)
Lord only knows why I?m still here
(I should?ve been outta here
God is good though)
Must be a reason

Could?ve been in Attica, could?ve been murda
Could?ve died in that crash, could?ve got caught with the burner
When the knox raided they ain?t find a fuckin gram
Call me crazy but this music shit gotta be God?s plan
Only one chance to make a first impression,
It?s my second time, pray for me
Tryna leave the trap, Lord make a way for me
Slimier niggas in the industry and in the streets
Talk crazy til you see em, then they in the piece
Overlooked by the bloggers and the sites, how?
I?m in the credit so niggas you call nice
Nigga you call dope ? the niggas I call weird
Flow don?t match they region, clothes look all queer
Every day shrimp fry, rice four chicken wings
Four ditches and 5th of Henny, shit sickening
My girl don?t love me how she used to
Thinkin I fucked her friend, swear to God I ain?t doin cha

So many come and gone throughout the years
Lord only knows why I?m still here
Lord only knows why I?m still here
Must be a reason
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Torch: Lord Knows

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Torch: Lord Knows
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Torch: Lord Knows

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