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Tori Amos: '97 Bonnie And Clyde

Baby, your da-da loves you,
and I'm always gonna be here for you
no matter what happens.
You're all I got in this world.
I'd never give you up for nothing
Nobody in this world is ever gonna keep you from me.
I love you

Come on, hey hey, We going to the beach
Grab a couple of toys, and let da-da strap you in the car seat.
Where's mama? She's taking a little nap in the trunk.
Oh! That smell; da-da musta runned over a skunk.
Now I know what you're thinking; it's kinda late to go swimming,
but you know your mama; she's one of those type of women
that do crazy things, and if she don't get her way, she'll throw a fit.
Don't play wit da-da's toy knife honey, let go of it,
And don't look so upset, why you acting bashful,
Don't you wanna help da-da build a sand castle?
And mama said she wants to show you how far she can float.
Don't worry about that little boo-boo on her throat,
it's just a little scratch, it don't hurt,
her was eating dinner while you were sweepin'
and spilt ketchup on her shirt.
Mama's messy, isn't she?
We'll let her wash off in the water
and me and you can play by ourselves, can't we?

Just the two of us, just the two of us
just the two of us, Just the two of us

See honey, there's a place called heaven and a place called hell.
There's a placed called prison and a place called jail.
And da-da's probably on his way to all of 'em, except one,
Cause mama's got a new husband, and a stepson
and you don't want a brother, do ya?
Maybe when you're old enough to understand a little better
I'll explain it to you,
But for now, we'll just say mama was real real bad,
She was being mean to dad, and made him real real mad,
But I still feel sad that I put her on timeout.
Sit back in your chair honey, quit trying to climb out,
I told you it's okay, hey hey, you wanna bah-bah
Take a night-night
Na-na-goo-goo gah-gah
Her make coo-coo-cocka...
Dad'll change your di-ey
Clean the baby up, so I can take a night-nighty.
Your dad'll wake her up as soon as we get to the water...

97' Bonnie & Clyde, me and my daughter
me and my daughter
me and my daughter

Just the two of us, Just the two of us
Just the two of us, Just the two of us

Wake up sweepy head, we're here.
Before we play,
We gonna take mommy for a wittle walk along the pier.
Baby, don't cry honey, don't get the wrong idea,
Mama's too sweepy to hear you screaming in her ear,
That's why you can't get her to wake,
But don't worry,
Da-da made a nice bed for mommy at the bottom of the lake.
Here, you wanna help da-da tie a rope around this rock?
We'll tie it to her footsy, then we'll roll her off the dock.
Ready now? Here we go, on the count of three...
1, 2, three, weee!!
There goes mama, spwashing in the water...
No more fighting with dad,
No more restraining order,
No more step da-da,
No more brotha....
Blow her kisses buh-bye,
Tell mommy you love her...
Now we'll go play in the sand, build a sand castle and junk,
but first, just help dad with two more things out the trunk

Just the two of us...
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Tori Amos: '97 Bonnie And Clyde

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Tori Amos: '97 Bonnie And Clyde
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Tori Amos: '97 Bonnie And Clyde

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