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Triumvirat: Journey Of A Fallen Angel

A dying angel laid
His tired wings across the town
He said "I have a note
Sent by the king that wears no crown."
And as he's grasping for it
Somehow he just cannot get it out
The paper said
This town is not dead

Some of the people
That survived the night before
Came crawling out to hear
The angel's song of lore
And as they're getting closer
They can see his heart is bleeding out
Here it is,
so sing out loud


Get you spirits together
And this world will keep turning for you
It should help to remind you and open your eyes

Let this song be your guidance
And this world will keep turning for you
For the way you are living is just a disguise

Inspiration spread among the haunted souls
A single straw within a sea of shattered hopes
Hesitating movements strengthen
Into action which leads to a drive
Let's start again
We are alive


An overwhelming energy is speeding up the pace
'Cos what you get in time is what you got
Some tantalizing ladies rearrange their perfumed lace
The angel's voice makes everything just stop


Is this the end
Of what looked like an endless trail
I wish this message
Could have gotten here by mail
I'm just a one-way angel
Useless like a stepped-on bottle-cap
You'll never learn
I can't go back

The all-time human turn-around
Is leaving him to die
And confidence returns to people's minds
A lonely dog right by his wing
Is barking soft and shy
Pompeii - what is left of you
I wanna cry


Get your spirits together
"Cos this world won't keep turning for you
It's the very reminder to open your eyes

Let this song be your guidance
And this world will keep turning for you
For the way you've been living is just a disguise
(Repeat last chorus)
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Triumvirat: Journey Of A Fallen Angel

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Triumvirat: Journey Of A Fallen Angel
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Triumvirat: Journey Of A Fallen Angel

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