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Vixen: Love Made Me

Our conversation ends too soon,
you grab your coat and leave the room
My heart dissolves onto the floor,
our world divides, we don't talk anymore

And I still remember when we first met,
it was on a night like this
The moon was shining for you and me
I should have known,
I'd be betrayed by your kiss

Love made me blind to the truth
Love made me crawl, I should've stood up to you
Love made me cry out your name
So what's so good about love
when it hurts you this way

These broken nights and the taste of our tears
They held us captive, and chained to our fears
Is this the dream we've been searching for
If this is love, then I don't want anymore


Somewhere in a dream, you were holding me,
we both felt the same
But the war resounds on the battleground,
nothing's gonna change

(chorus repeats out- 4th line: Love made me fall )
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Vixen: Love Made Me

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Vixen: Love Made Me
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Vixen: Love Made Me

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